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    10 Course In 1 Key Learning

    Module 1: Marketing Strategies
    ✅ Develop a comprehensive marketing plan
    ✅ AI market research tools ✅ Target audience identification with AI

    Module 2: ChatGPT Prompt Language Content Strategy Marketing
    ✅ Create engaging content using ChatGPT Prompt Language
    ✅Use ChatGPT to create blog posts, social media content, ads title and descriptions and other types of content that drive engagement and conversions.

    Module 3: Facebook Marketing
    ✅ Create and manage a successful Facebook marketing leads generation campaign
    ✅ Optimized effective ads, and use advanced targeting and retargeting techniques to maximize conversions.

    Module 4: Instagram Marketing
    ✅ Discover how to leverage the power of Instagram to grow your brand and reach new audiences.
    ✅ Create engaging visual content, use hashtags and captions effectively, and use Instagram’s features to increase engagement and drive conversions.

    Module 5: YouTube Marketing
    ✅ Create a successful YouTube marketing campaign, from developing a content strategy
    ✅ Optimizing your videos for SEO keyword search.

    Module 6: TikTok Marketing
    ✅ Create engaging TikTok videos and leverage the platform to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.
    ✅ Explore TikTok’s advertising options and learn how to use them to drive conversions and revenue

    Module 7: Landing Page Creation 
    ✅ Create high-converting landing pages that drive action from your target audience.
    ✅ Design and copywriting principles to create effective landing pages, as well as how to use A/B testing to optimize your pages for maximum results.

    Module 8: SEO
    ✅ Optimize your website and content for search engines, increasing your visibility and driving more traffic to your site.
    ✅ Explore various SEO tools, techniques, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

    Module 9: SEM
    ✅ Use search engine marketing to increase your online visibility and create effective Google Ads campaigns
    ✅ Use advanced targeting techniques, and measure your results using analytics tools.

    Module 10: Google Analytics
    ✅ Use Google Analytics to track and measure your website’s performance, from traffic and engagement to conversions and revenue.
    ✅ Use various metrics and reports and learn how to use them to optimize your digital marketing strategies

    The Lead Coach

    Digital Marketing Malaysia


    Digital Marketing Consultant |
    HRDF Certified Trainer | Entrepreneur | MBA 
    • Certified HRDF Digital Marketing Trainer
    • Trained and Guided over 200 SMEs To Grow Their Business
    • Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certified 
    • Google Garage Digital Marketing Fundamental Certification
    • Consult More Than 28 SMEs To Grow Their Business
    • Has Run More Than RM 1 mil Media Buy Ads
    • Provide Business & Digital Marketing Consultation To Corporate and SMEs especially at no cost traffic & funnel building


    Real Industry Experience & Result

    Facebook Marketing - Automotive Spare Part Shop
    Cost Per Lead RM4.06

    Facebook Marketing - New National Vehicle Launch
    Cost Per Lead RM10.96

    Facebook Marketing - Medical Aesthetic Centre
    Cost Per Lead RM9.25

    Google Marketing - Packaging Industry
    Cost Per Click RM1.92

    Google Marketing - Industry Machinery
    Cost Per Click RM1.38


    20 x Case Studies
    8 x Cheatsheet
    10 x Content Writing

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