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Boosting Your Beauty Industry With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Beauty SEO

Boosting Your Beauty Industry Business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Ever wonder how do you grow your online beauty business to the next step after building and design your website? Well, today we are going to discuss about how search engine optimization (SEO) can help you grow your business by inviting tremendous amount of traffic into your website.

 Online Beauty Industry has always been one of the most creative and exciting industries to be a part of but we all know that it comes with a lot of challenge. With new independent beauty brands popping up left and right on a daily basis as well as iconic brands like L’oreal and Mary Kay diversifying their product offerings, it might seem like there’s no space for new players, But that’s simply not true as it’s all about carving out your target market using online strategies and delivering the content they crave in a way that leads to profitable margins and high ROI’s. So tag along to get more insight into how SEO will significantly transform your endeavors in the beauty industry.

Know Your Audience

To thrive in the beauty industry while building an SEO industry: it will be better to understand various aspects that touch your buyers like, their persona. If you know the buyer’s persona, you will create content that will fascinate them and strengthen loyalty and trust towards you. Conduct research to find your target market and the groups that use or may use your brand. Divide them according to their age, interests, level of income, and others. Segmentation will allow you to optimize content according to the groups.

Do not stop at identifying your target market, but also mark your competitors. Identify the competitors with whom you share similar ideas and learn about the opportunities that your beauty brand can explore to outsmart them. Also, group them (primary, secondary, & tertiary), know how they are progressing on their websites and their market positioning. Review the competitors’ reviews on social media to see how they interact with their community. It will be easy to differentiate yourself after the completion of the competitive analysis.

Search For And Use Keywords In The Beauty Industry

When drafting your brand’s SEO strategy, keywords will form the nucleus part of it. Well researched keywords will move your brand to the top without much hustle. To find valuable keywords, study the keywords that your competitors in the industry use. Get to the specific keywords according to your products. Every product will have designated keywords that you will include on the product pages and content.

While searching for keywords, remember to find long-tail keywords: Keywords whose words are more than four words: brief sentences that a person may search online.
Restructure your beauty industry website

Having a website does not guarantee success in the beauty industry e-commerce. What matters is the format and the adherence to the SEO ranking requirements. If you want to improve your SEO ranking, then:

Secure your website by purchasing a secure socket layer certificate that indicates that your address is safe. Secure sites rank at the top and leave clients to rest in their minds after knowing that their information does not reach the hackers.

Many people around the world use mobile devices to access websites. So, Ensure that you optimize your website for mobile users: let it be light for quick access by smartphones.

Draft a strong meta-description for potential clients to get the gist of the content they expect to view. Let it have specific keywords to specific content, use an active voice, and include a call to action.

Optimize the images of your beauty industry by adding the Alt-Text. Alt-Text will help the visually impaired people and the bots to understand your beauty business images deeply. They will satisfy both the audience and the search engine crawlers.

Redirect pages of old or unavailable products. Redirecting will enable your customers to access new products and continue ranking highly.

Optimize your beauty product page for Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing the product page, the communication of your brand’s tone will be successful and will match the content on your blogs and home page. How will you achieve it?

Optimize the product images by making them professional and quality on your website. These images should reflect what your beauty brand will offer as they circulate on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Make the product images fit for desktop and mobile use, get different angles of your product, and let the lighting be optimum.
Make the product description keyword rich. Answer what and where the question in the mind of your potential customer.

Put keywords on the title. Include the business brand and product description in the title. If it is a shampoo, indicate the color, scent, and ingredients.

Incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your beauty business may seem mountainous but do not worry. The sector is sprouting that SEO is the only thing that you need to capture the online audience. For expert SEO assistance or any query, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.