Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia

5 Vital Elements To Ensure The Success Of Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia

5 Vital Elements To Ensure The Success Of Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia

There are 5 vital elements to ensure the success of Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia in terms to grow their business in 2020. This is to ensure your business has a greater competitive advantage across other competitors. Digital marketing plans are not only limits to content creation such as a blog, post, ads & funnels at a different platform. It is beyond that. Let me share with you.

Design A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies

Strategies design is important because it will determine the rate of success of the whole campaign. You seriously need plans to determine the goal, KPI, customers profiling, list out the strength & weakness of the business, verify the proportional of market share, understand the customers buying experience, craft budget to spend effectively and maximise the leverage of existing resource to achieve the optimization of the digital marketing campaign.

A robust digital marketing strategy includes short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies. As business growth is divided into different phase too from startup, growth, maturity and renewal or decline. In a different phase, you need a different combination of digital marketing to grow the business.

You can use a few tools to assist you to do the planning, example like SMART analysis, SWOT analysis, Keller’s Brand Equity Model, Ansoff Matrix, Brand Identity Prism and etc.

These tools can help you to understand the current situation of the business before you do any plans to drive your business to another upward growth. With these 5 analysis tools, you will be able to pick a blindspot of your business strategies and implement a relevant strategy to overcome the problem in the business.

Digital Marketing Talent Team

With the plans that you have now, you need a person or a team to execute it. If not, all planning is just theoretical planning and bring no meaning to business growth. To get talent manpower, it is closely related to your budget and resource available.

If you already have an existing marketing team to run a marketing plan for your company, you may need to leverage from your existing team by equipping them an appropriate digital marketing knowledge with training.

If you don’t have any existing team, you might need to do a projection budget whether you can sustain a full team like a digital marketer, copywriter and graphic designer. I know there are plenty of bosses who hires a digital marketer cum copywriter cum graphic designer. But how much the person can do all the plans in a schedule timeline.

Effectively Allocate Advertisement Budget

How much you can allocate a budget to hire a digital marketing team to handle a comprehensive digital marketing plan?

As far as you know, you need a copywriter, digital marketer and graphic designer to run a very basic digital marketing campaign. This does not even include SEO specialist & SEO copywriters.

To get these three expertise on board, you need at least RM 12,000 per month to run a campaign from planning till execution. This does not include media buy to spend in FB or Google platform.

If you decide to outsource these services to a digital marketing agency, you may need to prepare RM2,000 to RM5,000 per month inclusive media buy for two platforms. You still get three expertise to plan on your campaign.

If you decide that you want to do by yourself, means you have to gain basic knowledge of marketing, content writing skill, graphic design skill and how to do the account set up at FB or Google.

You can learn all these with digital marketing course by the digital marketing training centre. Other than knowledge, make sure you have enough time to plan to execute to achieve digital marketing plan KPI.

Compelling Content Marketing

To run a successful digital marketing plan, compelling content creation is a must. It’s like the heart of a body.

Good marketing of products or services depends on how many consumers can remember the brand or businesses. Good content can trigger emotion and influence any consumer purchasing behaviour and pattern by instilling the brand seeds into their mind.

Content marketing framework involves research, goal setting, content strategies, content creation, content curation, outreach and engagement to attract & retain potential customers. I have shared the content marketing framework in my previous post.

There are different content strategies in between B2B & B2C business. You have to understand what are the search behaviour and buying behaviour from potential customers.

For B2B business, most potential customers will take initiative more to search for info. So, the first phase of outreach to the most potential customers can be Google platform, the search engine.

For B2C business such as consumer products like apparel, cosmetic or etc, first phrase of outreach to the most potential customers can be Facebook Or Instagram.

Fully Utilisation Of Digital Marketing Tools

As a boss, you might need to know how to read a report from Google Analytics, traffic audit report and etc. Other than analysis digital tools, you might need to know what other digital tools that can help in your digital marketing campaign.

You do not need to know how it operates but at least you need to know what others important tools so that it improves communications with your digital marketer or team.

Tracking Tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Heatmap, Kissmetrics

SEO Tools: Google Keywords Planner, SEMRush, Ahref, Screaming Frogs, Similar Web

Content Tools: Feedly, Buzzsumo, Sprout Social, Ubersuggest

Social Media Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer, Right Relevance

Spend some time to understand all these tools may help you to understand how digital marketing strategies work instead of you got to listen to everything from your digital marketer.

Last words…

If you have additional feedback other than these 5 elements, let’s email me and we can chat here. If you want to learn more about my agency’s services, do drop me an email too.


How To Save Cost In Advertisement Fees And Increase Business Revenue

How To Save Cost In Advertisement Fees And Increase Business Revenue?

How To Save Cost In Advertisement Fees And Increase Business Revenue?

During this crucial period, most of the business are tight with cash flow. Is there a way on how to save cost in advertisement fees and increase business revenue? I am running a business too. I did adjust my advertisement cost with a few optimizations on marketing strategies.

To a business, shall we cut down advertisement fees or increase the fees? Sales and marketing is a department that brings sales (blood) to a business. Cutting marketing budget or reduce the fund do not solve the sales problem at all. I have done some adjustment to the marketing plans and it works better.

Review & Revise The Current Marketing Plans

After MCO happens, I review and revise all current marketing plans. If I am able to cut off those not so perform well ads or campaign, this is how to save cost in advertisement fees too.

I listed out all the marketing strategies such as Facebook ads & Google ads and performance metrics such as cost per click, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, the return of ads spent and so on.

All these reports, we can get it easily from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Pixel and Hotjar. We can have a better visual to analyse each marketing performance with chart and table. Though we already have this report and optimization every month, since MCO, new direction and strategies must be made to cater for the current situation.

I will further optimize again with software tools to make sure all the lead generation will be fully automated so that can further reduce the manpower to manage it. Because salary is definitely a main fixed expenditure in the business. Basically it is building a system.

Open for Others Marketing Strategies Option

It’s time to go through what will be the new marketing trends happens in local and global. Analyse all the new option with current marketing strategies then work according to your budget and suit your business nature and model.

Create new profits

This is the best time to do digitalization if all this while you are running the business with a physical store. Even the business has run very well with traditional marketing, there is no harm to create other new profits with the online channel.

Get Referral

It’s time to ask for a referral from your friends and current customers. You will be surprised a cost per referral will be lower when you do an advertisement. On top of that, you will have better credibility and easy to convert when there is a user to refer the business for you.

Content Marketing

Create a better compelling storytelling content with relevant keywords to educate the potential customers why they should use the products or services. With great content, the business will have better engagement and build up the trust too to the brand, products and business without advertisement fees.

Commerce LIVE

FB LIVE, Instagram LIVE, YouTube LIVE or Commerce Platform LIVE have become so popular for business to introduce their business, doing the selling, building community and etc. The most important is absolutely FREE and the outreach has no boundary at all. Save lots of advertisement fees. You can watch me in FB LIVE too.

Build & Leverage On Community

Look back to the business customers list. Build rapport with the customers again with email, Whatsapp, telegram or messengers. If you do not have the community, start to build one now.

Survey and Applying for Business Grant or Financing Scheme

During MCO, a few business grants and business loan are available to assist businesses. So, with the grant provided by the institution, you can reduce marketing funds because you do not need to fork out from your own pocket.

There are a lot of grants available in Malaysia but sometimes you really need to do more research as the guideline is always changed and who is the right person to talk to. I will list out those grants are more related to digitalization or e-commerce based grant. Hope it helps.

SME Digitalization Grant

Currently, this SME digitalization Grant is the most popular among SMEs. As long as the SMEs operate at least 2 years and turnover at least RM50,000, the business is eligible to apply for it. The business relief grant is 50% off or up to RM5,000 to kickstart the process of digitalization. If you want to know more how to apply from a digital marketing agency, please click HERE.

Business Scale-Up Programme (Biz-Up Programme)

Business Scale-Up Programme (Biz-Up Programme) is an integrated assistance programme aimed to enhance the capabilities of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through business advisory services and financial support. This programme supports a wide range of capacity building initiatives to assist SMEs to grow and expand their businesses locally and globally.


Financing to women entrepreneurs focusing on migrating micro-entrepreneurs for business expansion and growth which includes asset acquisition and working capital.

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What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads Using Content Marketing Malaysia?

What Is The Best Way To Gain Leads Using Content Marketing Malaysia?

Recently I saw a few advertisements in social media promoting different types of digital content. But what is content marketing Malaysia that really works in gaining leads?

Content Marketing is inclusive content copywriting, videos, podcast and etc.  To make a digital marketing campaign success, which one is more important? content copywriting? video marketing? strategies? advertisement setting?

How Many Types Of Digital Content Creator Malaysia?

I speak from my experience. All types of the digital content creator in Malaysia are important.

We need different speciality of writers or creators to create video contents, GIF, whiteboard animation, motion graphic, article writing, podcast, email newsletter, ebook, promo poster, digital message, pictures and so on to make our digital campaign success.

It is a combination of strategies by rolling out different creative contents with sequence to capture the attention of the audience.

We put away the budget factors. Let’s just look at the objective of the campaign. We want to do a branding awareness & lead generation campaign for the products. Pretty normal right.  There are a few different strategies can be used by the digital marketing agency.

Strategies 1: Start with 1 explanation video content as an introduction to the products (brand awareness). 2 weeks later retarget to all audiences that watch the full video to encourage them to take action (lead generation) based on your promo. 2 weeks later, another video or static poster for branding empowerment (brand awareness) or retention of customers (lead generation). This is good for B2C & B2B businesses.

Strategies 2: Use 3 different videos to target a different group of potential customers to create the topic, induce engagement and gain leads. After that can use the static poster and email newsletter to expand the segment of the users or potential customers. This is good for B2C businesses.

Strategies 3: Consistent writing blogs or content articles to educate potential customers (branding awareness). Then use videos to further explain what is written in the articles. This strengthens the familiarization to brand and trust. Then use the static poster for the call to action (leads generation). This can be used in B2B businesses.

Hence, once you set the objective and what do you want to achieve, you can play around with the contents you have. It is a process or we call it marketing funnel.

Simple to say, it’s like baking cake. All the contents are ingredients like flour, egg, sugar, or etc. It doesn’t mean that if you lack one item, you cant bake the cake. You still can bake a cake without flour, maybe the taste a bit different. Whereas baking with the oven or using a rice cooker is like where you leverage on different platforms such as FB, IG, Google or other platforms.

What Are Some Sample Of Creative Content Malaysia?

There are a few samples of creative content that works very well in Malaysia. What I shared here are those I felt the messages is very strong and creative too within 1 year.

Sample 1: Durex Malaysia (Picture Source From Durex Malaysia)

Creative Content MalaysiaStatic Poster. The message is perfect.

Here is the message.

To protect your beloved…Go Out Must Wear Mask; Go In Must Wear Durex.

Durex Malaysia marketing team is really an elite team. Their marketing message never fails. It never portraits low class of message but still, you get the message very clear and yet creative.




Sample 2: Protect The River (Post Source from Neena Singh)

Video Marketing MalaysiaVideos. I tried many ways to search for the original source but to no avail.

When I first time watches this awareness short clip, I have goosebumps. The message hits me so hard.


Sample 3: Chaindrite Termite Commercial Thailand (Video Link from Reddit)

Creative Ads Content Video. This is the most epic ads I ever found.

From the natural act from all actors and actress, storyline, scripts, background and costume, it’s really a masterpiece.





Sample 4: Stay At Home Or Stay At Nirvana (Post Source from Nirvana Asia)

Static Poster. Most of the people will remember this.

This post was out just after MCO. It raises the alarm to the people with creative & education ways. Total 28k shares up to date. Kudos to the marketing teams





Above four are part of my favourite contents. To me, when the message successfully sends out and comprehend without realizing it, it is great content.

How To Use Digital Content Analysis Malaysia To Improve Your Content Creation Process?

By using digital content analysis will help you to monitor the performance of each content that you created. There are guided steps to analyse this. Here are the four steps:- Research – Examine – Record – Analyse to improve the content marketing Malaysia

Research – Research and gather all the existing data from previous contents

Examine – Examine all the data to verify every info accuracy and have the initial hypothesis

Record – Create new contents and record every metrics

Analyse – Analyse all the metrics. Focus on those contents that have good engagement

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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A SEO Specialist Malaysia

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A SEO Specialist Malaysia

Before we make any purchase, we are always doing research or ‘homework’ to make sure every cent we pay is worthwhile. So, today I will share the 10 questions you as a boss should ask before hiring an SEO specialist Malaysia or KL SEO agency to manage for you.

In case you do not know what is SEO, SEO is search engine optimization, a process of getting free traffic from search results or keywords on search engines (Google). I don’t want to explain more what’s really is and how it works here as this is not the topic that I will share today. If you want to know more, you can google it.

How Will You Help Me To Improve My Website Ranking In Google?

Agency will do website audit about your business online traffic to your website. They can point out what is the flaw such as broken links, no SSL security certificate and so on. With SEO tools, you will know what is your competitors’ traffic too. So you will know exactly what is the real condition of your online traffic.

The specialist should explain to you the strategies to further improve the website ranking in Google and how long it will take to achieve the SEO campaign goal. Basically an SEO specialist will have three big job scope:- keywords research, on-page optimization & off-page optimization.

May I Know Who Are Your Local SEO Kuala Lumpur or International Clients and Their Website Ranking?

You can ask the list of their local SEO Kuala Lumpur or international clients and let them show you the results of the website ranking. You can ask them to show you how SEO impact their previous client and increase of the website traffic after engaging their services.

Do Your Agency Adhere To Google’s Algorithm Guideline?

Recently Google core algorithm has been updated and most of the website with bad backlinks and expired website has been wiped off. There are multiple updates throughout the whole year and this is just to make sure the user has their best experience while doing a user query at search engine.

You can always check with the specialist are they always updated with the algorithm and how will they overcome any changes.

Can You Guarantee No.1 Ranking In Google?

When you talk to the specialist, if they give you a guarantee that you will rank on page 1, you better run away from that. This is definitely a scam. How anyone can out beat and control the core algorithm of Google since there are more than 5000 updates in a year.

What Does Your Package Include?

SEO package should be included research on the type of contents and creating valuable contents that most users wanted. Doing keyword research on search volume.

✅ Keywords Research – check on search volume

✅ On-page Optimization – website optimization, user experience (UX), meta-title, description, tag and featured image

✅ Off-page Optimization – Backlink

How Will You Keep Me Informed Of The Progress?

A monthly report will be sent to you about the update of ranking on Google page of each keyword. In the report will mention the strategies or action plan on how to achieve the campaign goal too.

What Are Your Fees and Payment Terms In SEO Packages Malaysia?

SEO packages Malaysia can be 6 months or 12 months project. The price will be ranged from RM 5,000 (6 months) till RM30,000 (12 months) depends on how many keywords that your business would like to rank for.

Keywords in a different industry are one of the important elements to decide the price too.

Keywords Example: Digital Marketing VS Digital Marketing Malaysia

Competition of the keyword of Digital Marketing is higher compared to the keyword of Digital Marketing Malaysia. So the service fees to rank Digital Marketing will be higher. More effort, time and investment are needed to boost the keywords of Digital Marketing.

What Happens When We Part Ways?

Always check on the contract whether all the link building, contents writing are belonging to you. It means if when you terminate the contract with the SEO specialist Malaysia or freelancer SEO Malaysia, make sure they won’t remove or change any of the content they created for the SEO project. If they do so, all your page 1 ranking webpage will be removed from Google search engine.

Before signing the contract, you should ask how much the retainer fees. It means after the first year, how much you need to pay for the second year to maintain all the positions of the keywords.

How To Define A Successful SEO Campaign?

To monitor the effort of the SEO campaign by SEO specialist Malaysia, you must track the website traffic and the traffic source. The specialist must know how to track the improvement in website’s Google rankings, the number of links from other website driving traffic to your own website, the kinds of keywords searchers uses to find your website and etc.

Insert Google Search Console & Google Analytics and monitor closely the traffic to the website. You will gain all the insight such as traffic source (social, direct, search, or referral).

So, be sure to ask how often they plan to share these important analytics with you and how they would use the data to continually improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.

Is SEO Worth To Invest?

SEO is most of the most cost-effective online inbound marketing strategies because it targets to users who actively make a search query for your products and services only.

SEO strategy does not need any advertising fees. Free organic traffic flow to your website generate leads for any business if your website rank on page 1.

SEO is long term strategies since keywords ranking will take duration to rank at from 3 months to 6 months. SEO definitely will bring a great impact in bringing online traffic to the website if it manages to rank on page one. Furthermore, websites that appear on page one will achieve higher authorities.

Talk To Me…

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Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

10 Things Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia Don’t Want You To Know

10 Things Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia Don’t Want You To Know

Today I would like to share with you 10 Things Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia Don’t Want You To Know. 

During the MCO period, most of the businesses are trying to push their business to online so that they can still have cash flow into their business. There are lots of advertisement about digital marketing services flooded in Google & social media platform to cater to the great demand for digital advertising services. It’s good things that now SME company have more option to select the most suitable agency to help to digitalise their business. 

Get A Tailor-Made Proposal

The main reason that you are looking for a digital marketing agency is to find solutions to your business problem or achieve your business KPI. When you request on the proposal, make sure you check whether the proposal is tailor-made to your business or not. What I mean is customization. As the agencies want to save up the time and effort, they will send out a general proposal. Different business different problems. Every business must have unique marketing strategies to achieve the marketing objective. So just ensure that you receive a detailed marketing proposal with strategies that can solve your business problem. 

Have Short 15 Mins Interviews Before Making Real Appointment

After collecting a few proposals, you can always schedule a 15 mins phone call or online conference to talk to each business development executive. You can always ask them to share with you an overview of how they can help you in growing your business. After short meeting 3 or 4 agencies, you will roughly have an idea whose agency is really looking into your business solutions or they just want to earn their commission. This helps you to do further filtering of agencies. 

Check With Their Experience

Most of the projects are done by interns or juniors marketing executive. Always check with them who will handle your projects. This doesn’t mean those have a lot of testimonials’ agencies are glamour too. Always check with them how many clients they will handle in one same period and how they will answer your demand during the set up for your ads campaign. 

Check On The Previous Project

Company profile is always a must. It is like an IC of a company. From the company profile, you will know whether their conceptual style, content, Copywrite, graphic and etc. It’s even better if you can go into their backend performance dashboard to see each campaign done. I understand backend is something confidential and an asset to an agency. Perhaps just a quick shown on screen when you meet up with them. 

Always Get Timeline Agreed

Before you engaged with agencies, be more clear with the timeline. Agency will start to work after receiving payment. So, you must really be sure with the timeline of the preparation of campaign, approval of the content of the campaign, date to start the campaign and the end date of the campaign. You need this info to further plan your other marketing plans such as offline marketing or product/service launch. You wouldn’t want the whole marketing campaign mess up because of miss out deadline or miscommunication with the agency. 

Beware Of Guarantee Sweet Promise

Beware of sweet promise or guarantee of the result too. There is no guarantee in this world. When an agency’s telling you they can guarantee you with the figure, leads or ranking, you should sense alarming. The reason is very simple. Advertising platforms such as Google & FB & Instagram do not belong to any marketing agencies. So, how can they promise you something where they can’t even control it. What they can give you is the projection of the performance based on their experience.  So, when the agency makes a handhold kind of promise, then you can always ask them to show you the action plan or funnel how to achieve it. Of course, if you insist to push them to give you a commitment number, some agencies will still give their promise because they want to get the sales in. But will it really help your business? 

Align The Right Expectation With The Right Metrics

Be sure of what KPI or metric that you are looking for. If the agency keeps telling you the engagement or reaches or impression can help your business, be sure this is really what you want to look for. If your objective is to look for sales, then the metrics you should look into are traffic or conversion. If not, you will be very disappointed at the end of the campaign when you are expecting enquiries to come in. 

Always Check On Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions or contract is one of the most important after the quotation. You want to know what is the exit plan if you think that you and the agency is a mismatch. So you wouldn’t want to get involved in nasty termination with your agency. 

So, these are a few things that you need to do your own due diligence before you engage a digital marketing agency Malaysia to avoid mismatch expectation and disappointment. 

Next week, I will be sharing which are most important to your ads campaign? Content write up? Graphic Design? Video Content? Ads Setting? I can tell you, none of this is. Stay tune. 

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