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What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads Using Content Marketing Malaysia?

What Is The Best Way To Gain Leads Using Content Marketing Malaysia?

Recently I saw a few advertisements in social media promoting different types of digital content. But what is content marketing Malaysia that really works in gaining leads?

Content Marketing is inclusive content copywriting, videos, podcast and etc.  To make a digital marketing campaign success, which one is more important? content copywriting? video marketing? strategies? advertisement setting?

How Many Types Of Digital Content Creator Malaysia?

I speak from my experience. All types of the digital content creator in Malaysia are important.

We need different speciality of writers or creators to create video contents, GIF, whiteboard animation, motion graphic, article writing, podcast, email newsletter, ebook, promo poster, digital message, pictures and so on to make our digital campaign success.

It is a combination of strategies by rolling out different creative contents with sequence to capture the attention of the audience.

We put away the budget factors. Let’s just look at the objective of the campaign. We want to do a branding awareness & lead generation campaign for the products. Pretty normal right.  There are a few different strategies can be used by the digital marketing agency.

Strategies 1: Start with 1 explanation video content as an introduction to the products (brand awareness). 2 weeks later retarget to all audiences that watch the full video to encourage them to take action (lead generation) based on your promo. 2 weeks later, another video or static poster for branding empowerment (brand awareness) or retention of customers (lead generation). This is good for B2C & B2B businesses.

Strategies 2: Use 3 different videos to target a different group of potential customers to create the topic, induce engagement and gain leads. After that can use the static poster and email newsletter to expand the segment of the users or potential customers. This is good for B2C businesses.

Strategies 3: Consistent writing blogs or content articles to educate potential customers (branding awareness). Then use videos to further explain what is written in the articles. This strengthens the familiarization to brand and trust. Then use the static poster for the call to action (leads generation). This can be used in B2B businesses.

Hence, once you set the objective and what do you want to achieve, you can play around with the contents you have. It is a process or we call it marketing funnel.

Simple to say, it’s like baking cake. All the contents are ingredients like flour, egg, sugar, or etc. It doesn’t mean that if you lack one item, you cant bake the cake. You still can bake a cake without flour, maybe the taste a bit different. Whereas baking with the oven or using a rice cooker is like where you leverage on different platforms such as FB, IG, Google or other platforms.

What Are Some Sample Of Creative Content Malaysia?

There are a few samples of creative content that works very well in Malaysia. What I shared here are those I felt the messages is very strong and creative too within 1 year.

Sample 1: Durex Malaysia (Picture Source From Durex Malaysia)

Creative Content MalaysiaStatic Poster. The message is perfect.

Here is the message.

To protect your beloved…Go Out Must Wear Mask; Go In Must Wear Durex.

Durex Malaysia marketing team is really an elite team. Their marketing message never fails. It never portraits low class of message but still, you get the message very clear and yet creative.




Sample 2: Protect The River (Post Source from Neena Singh)

Video Marketing MalaysiaVideos. I tried many ways to search for the original source but to no avail.

When I first time watches this awareness short clip, I have goosebumps. The message hits me so hard.


Sample 3: Chaindrite Termite Commercial Thailand (Video Link from Reddit)

Creative Ads Content Video. This is the most epic ads I ever found.

From the natural act from all actors and actress, storyline, scripts, background and costume, it’s really a masterpiece.





Sample 4: Stay At Home Or Stay At Nirvana (Post Source from Nirvana Asia)

Static Poster. Most of the people will remember this.

This post was out just after MCO. It raises the alarm to the people with creative & education ways. Total 28k shares up to date. Kudos to the marketing teams





Above four are part of my favourite contents. To me, when the message successfully sends out and comprehend without realizing it, it is great content.

How To Use Digital Content Analysis Malaysia To Improve Your Content Creation Process?

By using digital content analysis will help you to monitor the performance of each content that you created. There are guided steps to analyse this. Here are the four steps:- Research – Examine – Record – Analyse to improve the content marketing Malaysia

Research – Research and gather all the existing data from previous contents

Examine – Examine all the data to verify every info accuracy and have the initial hypothesis

Record – Create new contents and record every metrics

Analyse – Analyse all the metrics. Focus on those contents that have good engagement

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