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    What Is Data Visualisation?

    Organizations across industries are increasingly relying on data for critical decision making.

    Based on data, companies can gain useful insights to guide their strategic direction.

    For instance, data can help companies decide on which new products to develop, identify investment opportunities, recognise new markets to enter, and better engage with their target customers.

    Through data visualization, management will also be able to make decisions quicker and more efficiently.

    Data can be used to identify inefficiencies in operations and help organizations to streamline their operations too.

    What is Power BI?

    Learners will be able to leverage Microsoft Power BI to transform the company’s data into rich visuals that facilitate new ways of thinking about and organizing your data, so that you can focus on what is important to achieving your goals.

    Key Learnings


    • Session 1: Data visualisation Tools & Benefits



    • Session 1: Introduction to Power BI

    • Session 2: Key Features & Benefits

    • Session 3: Case Studies

    • Session 4: Understanding your needs




    • Session 1: Data Review & Management: Data Science, Strengthen data processes

    • Session 2: Data Transformation: Changing data types, cleaning, calculated fields

    • Session 3: Common data errors to avoid

    • Session 4: Data Transformation using DAX

    Why Choose This?

    • Gain an overview of the data visualisation landscape and the key ingredients for impactful visualisation and data storytelling.
    • Learn the roles that data visualisation and communication the benefits of visualisation and data storytelling in the value chain
    • Gain exposure to various data visualisation techniques and Power BI as a visualisation Tool
    • Explore Power BI real world case studies and understand the application of data visualisation in various industries.
    • Learn the key principles in Data review & Management to strengthen data processes
    • Execute data transformation techniques to meet database requirements and client’s needs.
    • Discover the common data errors to avoid for efficient visualisation Dashboarding.
    • Practice with hands-on application of using DAX, a highly sort after skillset for Data Transformation to

    The Lead Coach

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    Tay Jun Hu Emmanual

    Director of Training Academy/ Master Trainer

    Trainer Academic Qualification

    Qualification Name: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)
Year Awarded: 2011

    Certification Body: Monash University, Clayton Australia

    Trainers Professional Certification

    Professional Certification: Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment 
Year Awarded: 2015

Certification Body: SkillsFuture Singapore Agency

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