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10 Things Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia Don’t Want You To Know

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

10 Things Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia Don’t Want You To Know

Today I would like to share with you 10 Things Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia Don’t Want You To Know. 

During the MCO period, most of the businesses are trying to push their business to online so that they can still have cash flow into their business. There are lots of advertisement about digital marketing services flooded in Google & social media platform to cater to the great demand for digital advertising services. It’s good things that now SME company have more option to select the most suitable agency to help to digitalise their business. 

Get A Tailor-Made Proposal

The main reason that you are looking for a digital marketing agency is to find solutions to your business problem or achieve your business KPI. When you request on the proposal, make sure you check whether the proposal is tailor-made to your business or not. What I mean is customization. As the agencies want to save up the time and effort, they will send out a general proposal. Different business different problems. Every business must have unique marketing strategies to achieve the marketing objective. So just ensure that you receive a detailed marketing proposal with strategies that can solve your business problem. 

Have Short 15 Mins Interviews Before Making Real Appointment

After collecting a few proposals, you can always schedule a 15 mins phone call or online conference to talk to each business development executive. You can always ask them to share with you an overview of how they can help you in growing your business. After short meeting 3 or 4 agencies, you will roughly have an idea whose agency is really looking into your business solutions or they just want to earn their commission. This helps you to do further filtering of agencies. 

Check With Their Experience

Most of the projects are done by interns or juniors marketing executive. Always check with them who will handle your projects. This doesn’t mean those have a lot of testimonials’ agencies are glamour too. Always check with them how many clients they will handle in one same period and how they will answer your demand during the set up for your ads campaign. 

Check On The Previous Project

Company profile is always a must. It is like an IC of a company. From the company profile, you will know whether their conceptual style, content, Copywrite, graphic and etc. It’s even better if you can go into their backend performance dashboard to see each campaign done. I understand backend is something confidential and an asset to an agency. Perhaps just a quick shown on screen when you meet up with them. 

Always Get Timeline Agreed

Before you engaged with agencies, be more clear with the timeline. Agency will start to work after receiving payment. So, you must really be sure with the timeline of the preparation of campaign, approval of the content of the campaign, date to start the campaign and the end date of the campaign. You need this info to further plan your other marketing plans such as offline marketing or product/service launch. You wouldn’t want the whole marketing campaign mess up because of miss out deadline or miscommunication with the agency. 

Beware Of Guarantee Sweet Promise

Beware of sweet promise or guarantee of the result too. There is no guarantee in this world. When an agency’s telling you they can guarantee you with the figure, leads or ranking, you should sense alarming. The reason is very simple. Advertising platforms such as Google & FB & Instagram do not belong to any marketing agencies. So, how can they promise you something where they can’t even control it. What they can give you is the projection of the performance based on their experience.  So, when the agency makes a handhold kind of promise, then you can always ask them to show you the action plan or funnel how to achieve it. Of course, if you insist to push them to give you a commitment number, some agencies will still give their promise because they want to get the sales in. But will it really help your business? 

Align The Right Expectation With The Right Metrics

Be sure of what KPI or metric that you are looking for. If the agency keeps telling you the engagement or reaches or impression can help your business, be sure this is really what you want to look for. If your objective is to look for sales, then the metrics you should look into are traffic or conversion. If not, you will be very disappointed at the end of the campaign when you are expecting enquiries to come in. 

Always Check On Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions or contract is one of the most important after the quotation. You want to know what is the exit plan if you think that you and the agency is a mismatch. So you wouldn’t want to get involved in nasty termination with your agency. 

So, these are a few things that you need to do your own due diligence before you engage a digital marketing agency Malaysia to avoid mismatch expectation and disappointment. 

Next week, I will be sharing which are most important to your ads campaign? Content write up? Graphic Design? Video Content? Ads Setting? I can tell you, none of this is. Stay tune. 

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