Top 8 Most Popular FAQ Of Digital Marketing Strategies Malaysia

Top 8 Most Popular FAQ Of Digital Marketing Strategies MalaysiaHow To Be A High Effective Business Women To Grow My Business

Discover the top 8 most popular FAQ of digital marketing strategies Malaysia that helps to increase the revenue or seize the new opportunity for new profits. Every business owners want to leverage online marketing to scale their business like online marketing is the most cost-effective and manage to see the result in a short period as compared to traditional marketing. Here we go for the top 8 frequent asked questions by the business owners.

How’s The Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help My Business?

Digital marketing is wide fields that consist of a lot of tactics such as social media marketing, Google marketing, SEO, email marketing and etc to help businesses to outreach to local and global. With the right strategies, you can save money, reach more customers that you target and maximize the exposure of brand awareness. Those quality customers will know about your brand, talk about your brand and advocate about your brand. These will return into sales, revenue and profits. The good thing is you now can track every single traffic source and responses to your every online marketing efforts from time to time.

How To Get A Lot Of Sales From Digital Marketing Plan?

5 essential tips.

  • Build up a profitable sales funnel.
  • Target to the right customers.
  • Create an irresistible deal.
  • Follow up closely of the prospect.
  • Lastly, do thorough performance analysis.

My Friend Told Me I Should Just Do Facebook Marketing, Then My Business Will Fly, Is It True?

You know your business the best. Ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Is your target customers stay around Facebook?
  2. What are your target customers search or purchasing behaviour/ pattern? (means social media or google?)
  3. Do you have strong sales funnels to convert the prospect into sales?
  4. Is your offer attractive enough to attract them to take action to enquire your product immediately?

If you have all “yes” answer above, congratulations! Success is in front of your door. If the answer is “no”, then you need to spend some time to find out the answer.

How Many Budgets Should I Spend In Digital Marketing Development?How To Save Cost In Advertisement Fees And Increase Business Revenue

There are 101 methods of saving cost, but most important is getting the right way to run a successful campaign.  It really depends on what campaign you are running and which tactic you are using. It can be started from Rm1,500 till RM10,000 per month with specific digital marketing strategy or combination of digital marketing strategies.

It also depends on you are hiring an internal team or outsource to a digital marketing agency. If you hire a digital marketer, the salary will be ranged from RM2,500 till RM8,000. If you hire an SEO specialist, then you need to prepare at least RM12,000 above based on experience. This does not include EPF, Socso and staff benefits yet. And yet, you still need to have a graphic designer and copywriter. Don’t forget, media buy to Facebook or Google too.

If you outsource to an agency, there are two fees, services fees and media buy fees. If you opt for a single service only, the lowest fees can start from RM1,500 per month till RM20,000.

Why Should I Engage You (Digital Marketing Agency) Instead Of Hire A Digital Marketer To Run All The Digital Marketing Task For Me?

As mentioned above, a complete digital marketing team needs three talents, digital marketer, copywriter and graphic designer. If you wish to produce more video content, then you may need another multimedia designer. So, these three musketeers total salary and benefits may take almost RM15,000 to RM 20,000 per month. Agency wise, you can start as low as RM1,500 per month.

For staff, you need to go through the probation to see whether they perform or not. If they are not performing, then you need to go through a standard procedure to terminate them. If you do not satisfied with the agency’s performance, then you can terminate the service immediately or follow the contract. Now the contract can be monthly or three months basis.

Is Facebook Marketing Equal To Digital Marketing?SEO vs PPC Which Is Better To Your Business In 2020

Facebook marketing is just one small portion of the pie of digital marketing. There are many online marketing tactics that can help your business to grow. As long as your products or services can solve the problem of your right targeted customers. You can use SEO or PPC or email marketing or mobile marketing or video marketing.

Is The Traditional Marketing Irrelevant To Current Market?

No. Although nowadays online marketing is the most popular method to boost sales, however, traditional marketing still plays some role. Eg, word of mouth. With online marketing, it can be cost-effective, time-saving and ease of performance tracking only.

My Business Do Not Need Any Digital Marketing Strategy, Do You Agree?

My personal opinion, as long as the business needs a sales transaction or outreach of brand, you need a digital marketing strategy. Even big brand like Mercedes, McD, Starbucks, Disney and so on, they need to spend a lot of online marketing fund to ensure customers still remember them. Even NASA or WHO organization, they still need to regularly update their social media to build their brand authorities.


Above the top 8 FAQ are my compilation when I met my clients. I hope it helps all the business owners. If you have other questions or you think I miss something here, please leave your contact here.