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    Why Choose Us?

    Real Trainer
    (HRDF Certified)

    META & GOOGLE Certified Coach

    Real Industry Practitioner

    15 Course In 1 Key Learning

    It is a 4 days physical class & 4 hours online class Digital Marketing Professional Certification course.

    MODULE 01 MARKETING FUNDAMENTAL (Physical Training – 2 Hours)
    • Integrated Strategic Marketing Approach
    • How To Build Sales Funnel
    • How To Identify Customer Persona

    MODULE 2 CONTENT MARKETING (Physical Training – 1 Hour)
    • Audience Insight For Audience Targeting
    • Contents Varieties (Poster/ Carosell/ Infographic)
    • How To Create Powerful Content
    • Case Studies

    MODULE 3 VIDEO MARKETING (Physical Training- 1 Hour)
    • Short Video VS Long Video
    • Free Video Editing Tools (Desktop & Mobile)
    • Subtitle Creation

    MODULE 04 LANDING PAGE WITH WORDPRESS (Physical Training – 3 Hours)
    • Landing Page Creation
    • Sales Content Writing
    • Creative Design With Canva
    • Pixel & Google Analytic Integration for Traffic Tracking

    • How Google Ads Can Help Businesses Generate Leads?
    • Different Between Ppc (Pay Per Click) And Organic Traffic (SEO)
    • How Ads Justify The Position Of All Ads? (Ad Rank, Quality Score)
    • Understanding Account Structure, Features And Interface Of Google Ad
    • Setting Up Google Ads Account
    • Google Search Campaign
    • Keywords Research
    • Determine keywords, demographics, bidding strategies
    • Define target audience group
    • Writing effective responsive ads
    • Ads Extension
    • Setting up Google Video Ads Campaign
    • Ads group creation (Skip & Non Skip Ads Creation)
    • Remarketing Strategies
    • Campaign Optimization

    MODULE 6 SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION) (Physical Training – 4 Hours)
    • Keyword Research
    • SEO Digital Tools Recommendation
    • SEO Copywriting Content Creation
    • Onpage Optimization
    • Offpage Optimization/ Link Building
    • Local Directories/ Google Business Profile
    • Setting up Google Search Console
    • Youtube SEO (Video Search Engine)
    • End Screen, Card, and Thumbnail Creation


    MODULE 7 FACEBOOK MARKETING (Physical Training – 3 Hours)
    • Facebook Business Manager/ Page Optimization
    • Facebook Content Optimization
    • Facebook Ads Campaign (Lead Generation)
    • Facebook Pixel Creation
    • A/B Testing Optimization

    MODULE 8 INSTAGRAM MARKETING (Physical Training – 1.5 Hour)
    • Instagram links to Facebook Business Page
    • Instagram Ads Campaign Creation
    • Instagram Reels Content Creation
    • Optimization of Content Management
    • Hashtag Research

    MODULE 9 LINKEDIN MARKETING (Physical Training – 1 Hour)
    • LinkedIn Personal Profile Branding
    • LinkedIn Business Branding (Recruitment & Business Leads)
    • Curation of LinkedIn content and optimization
    • Content Case Studies

    MODULE 10 TIKTOK MARKETING (Physical Training – 2.5 Hours)
    • Tiktok Content Creation
    • Short Videos Content Creation
    • Brand Story Telling
    • Tiktok Popular Trend Research

    • Email Content Write Up
    • EDM Creation With CRM Mailchimp
    • Email Leads Follow Up

    MODULE 12 DIGITAL METRICS ANALYTIC (Physical Training – 1 Hour)
    • Google Analytic/ Google Search Console/ Facebook Pixel Anaytic
    • Read Performance Report Analysis

    MODULE 13 ADS OPTIMIZATION (Online Training – 2 Hours)
    • Social Media Paid Ads Optimization
    • Google Ads Optimization

    MODULE 14 CONTENT OPTIMIZATION (Online Training – 1 Hour)
    • Social Media Content Optimization
    • Video Content Optimization
    • Content Repurpose

    • Funnel Review
    • Marketing Strategies & Direction Review

    Who Would Suitable In This Job?
    What Benefits You Will Get From This Course?

    digital marketing jobs
    • You will learn the current uptrend strategies and implement them effectively. 
    • You will learn how to use digital tools to identify what is the next trend and be the first practitioner to implement it.
    • You will learn what is the overview and how to connect every point of strategy.
    • You will learn how to read the analytic data and turn it into business revenue by making right business decision.
    • Gaining potential job placement

    What Other Benefits?

    • In Collaboration With University Geomatika Certificate
    • Endorsed By MASDEA
    • HRDF Claimable
    • KelC Academy Digital Marketing Certificate
    • Hands-on Learning, 20 Cheatsheet & Checklist, 10 Case Studies
    • Video Recording (Lifelong)
    • eWallet (Touch N Go)

    The Lead Coach

    Digital Marketing Malaysia


    Digital Marketing Consultant |
    HRDF Certified Trainer | Entrepreneur | MBA | Malaysia Influential Educators 2022
    • Trained executive and management personnel from more than 250 companies 
    • Consulted over 500 SMEs to grow & scale their businesses
    • Has managed more than RM5 million worth of media buy for various companies
    • META Digital Marketing Associates Certificate & Google Garage Digital Marketing Fundamental Certificate


    Real Industry Experience & Result

    Facebook Marketing - Automotive Spare Part Shop
    Cost Per Lead RM4.06

    Facebook Marketing - New National Vehicle Launch
    Cost Per Lead RM10.96

    Facebook Marketing - Medical Aesthetic Centre
    Cost Per Lead RM9.25

    Google Marketing - Packaging Industry
    Cost Per Click RM1.92

    Google Marketing - Industry Machinery
    Cost Per Click RM1.38


    20 x Case Studies
    8 x Cheatsheet
    10 x Content Writing

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