How To Be A High Effective People With Proactive

How To Be A High Effective People With Proactive

I read this book 3 times. My first time to read 7 Habits Of High Effective People book was during my form 6. I inherited the book from my uncle. Recently I picked up the book and read one more time. I have a different perspective on this topic – How To Be A High Effective People With Proactive.


How To Be A High Effective College Student To Get A Good Result

I have to be honest to myself and to you either. I was always a playful person. And I have procrastination and low self-discipline issue. I practice this mindset in another field but not in the study. In college, proactive to me means to take more initiative to do what I aim to do. During that time, I was so fascinated with composing song. I knew in my college, TARC, there was a Club named Red Bricks. It gathered all youngster who likes to compose song, song & instrument performance. I knew this club before I got into TARC.How To Be A High Effective People With Proactive

I was a keyboard player & producer and spent 3 years in this Club. We always have a lot of performance and we always find times to practice together at night till midnight at the car garage! Yes! You read it right. We call it outside the “pagar” when there was a function, wedding and even fundraising concert. It was so fun.

I remember from the book there is one sentence: “Practice Small & Embryonic Freedom Until It Grew Larger & Larger. I have to Use Internal Power To Exercise My Options”

I quite good in composing song but I knew I was not talented enough to make composer as my career. Now whenever I think back, was I doing self-sabotage? Never mind. I still had a good life after that.

Anyway, I did become a highly effective college student, enjoying my performance life in those 3 years.

How To Be A High Effective Medical Representative So That I Can Hit My Target And Get More Commission

After I left college, I did become a programmer in a year. But I knew that this was not what I want. So, I change it to pharma job. I read this book again after I started to work at a Pharmaceutical company. During that time, I was a bit unhappy because of bias rewarding system. But that time I was too naive. Now I totally understood why the company made that kind of policy. Because it is a business. I was naive and give too high expectation. I thought as long as I work very hard, I will get the reward at the end of the day. But actually, in real life, it’s not like 1 + 1= 2. After I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, then only I have my first A-Ha moment.How To Be A High Effective Medical Representative So That I Can Hit My Target And Get More Commission

One sentence hit me quite hard during that time. “I Have Power & Freedom To Choose What Response To What Happen.” Well, I still work hard on this affirmative. The books also mention that we must have “Self Awareness To Control our Emotion. And Be Confident that I can solve any problems. “

I always asked myself, can I do that? Because when certain things happen not what we expect, we feel pain & frustrated. I know it is not easy but I put a commitment to practice this and keep telling myself that “I do What I Think Is Right, So I Just Need To Do What We Can Control.”

That’s why it shapes my attitude to do anything as I will just do what I think is right because I have the freedom to choose. When I think like this, I actually empower myself to control the situation and not let the situation to control me.

Because of this, I always willing to do anything first before I doubt the success rate of the matter such as business and investment. Because I believe that only after I took the action, proactively to get involve and dirty my hands to experience the whole flow and I can gain all the information with me. I would be the first and only one to get the benefits from the process.


How To Be A High Effective Business Women To Grow My Business

I guess when we read a book at a different age, we will have different focus and level of understanding. I did many How To Be A High Effective Business Women To Grow My Businessmistakes during my past, sometimes I always ask myself, what if I make a wiser decision, why I am so idiot to make that kind of planning to manage my business, to make that stupid decision. When I read 7 habits of highly effective people the third times, this sentence struck me deep into my heart. “I Am What I Am Today Because Of the Choice I Made Yesterday.” 

I know this sentence way earlier, but it never hit me so hard. The books also mentioned that “My most difficult experiences become crucibles that forge our character and develop the internal powers the freedom to handle difficult circumstances in the future and to inspire others to do so as well.” I am not sure whether I really bring inspiration to others but my past difficult experiences did give me the internal powers of the freedom to handle more difficult circumstances and inspire my NEW ME.

I summarise the management of my business into three important aspects based on the book and implement the mindset of How To Be A High Effective People With Proactive and apply to my business:

My Customers

“Take initiative to study the industry, even a specific problem the organization they are interested in are facing. Develop an effective presentation showing how our ability can help solve the organization problem. Solution selling.”

My Core Value

“Be A Value-Driven & Produce Good Quality Work and Make A Value-Based Choice.”

My Company

“Be Resourcefulness & Take Initiative (Proactive)” to my company, my team and my customers.


That’s it my sharing and my thoughts about How To Be A High Effective People With Proactive. I will share with you all in a few weeks later about the second high effective habit- “Begin With The End In Mind”.

If you have different views with me, I welcomed you to drop your message here. Let’s chat.