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How To Optimise Your Facebook LIVE Broadcasts By Facebook

How To Optimise Your Facebook LIVE Broadcasts By Facebook

Tips On How To Optimise Your Facebook LIVE Broadcasts By Facebook

Are you one of those Facebook users have used the Facebook platform to do LIVE commerce? If the answer is yes, do you know how to optimise your Facebook LIVE broadcasts by Facebook?

Recently, a new video series was launched by Facebook that portrays interviews with internal experts working on specific platform tool.

The purpose of this video series is to shed more light on how each tool works, and how users can get the most out of the various functions the platform has to offer.

The most recent videos in the series focus on Facebook live, showing tips on how to maximise your Facebook broadcast and generate optimal reach while the very first video in the series focused on Creator Studio (Quick tips! You can schedule IG post at here too).

A lot of pointers and interesting tips are shared and I’m sure you have heard of many of them before but these tips are not coming from random people but from Facebook direct, which surely attests to the credence and authenticity of the advice.

There are a lot of bloggers out there giving out this information based on maybe their general knowledge or some personal experience to those without any knowledge.

Although the information they are giving is largely authentic, getting these tips from the platform (Facebook) directly is more valuable than hearing it from any random person. So these tips shared on these videos should be more valuable because you hearing it from the “horse’s mouth”.

The most recent videos that focus on Facebook live has a lot of tips to help you maximise your Facebook broadcast and generate optimal reach. In this series, valuable tips are shared to help you as a broadcaster.

The product marketing manager for Facebook live, Colyn Montgomery is the expert in this instance. Set up is the very first thing he talks about as well as ensuring that you’ve prepared for your live stream.

From this point, he provides some tips on how to maximise engagement for your steams and how to drive optimal viewership.

What Are The Planning To Ensure the Success Of Facebook LIVE Broadcast?

Planning: According to him, preparation is a  major factor for a successful live streaming video. Before going live, your goals and message must be fully established. Also consider your guests( if you are using any), your background, the props you will need, and technical details like sound and internet connection.

  • Promotion: According to Montgomery, an excellent way to raise awareness for your upcoming Facebook live stream is to schedule an announcement post in the live producer. This will create a Facebook preview post that will enable interested viewers to get reminders whenever your Facebook live stream is on. It also expedient for your live stream be promoted on other platforms and even your own website
  • Internet Connection: Before starting a live broadcast, you should make sure your internet connection is stable and reliable. A fast and stable internet connection is key to a successful live broadcast. According to Montgomery’s recommendation, poor internet connection is one of the most common pitfalls in Facebook live streaming. To allow for a strong internet connection, WiFi overload should be avoided. If possible, a hardwired cable connection is highly recommended.
  • Crossposting: He also advises users to crosspoint to another Facebook page. According to him, “ [crossposting] allows you to post simultaneously to multiple Pages at once, and it looks like a native video to that Page, but the viewership is all aggregated, the statistics are all aggregated on that one video asset”. He says that if you’ve got the luxury of working with other pages, you should definitely leverage it.
  • Maximize Engagement: He notes that Facebook prioritizes content that has the capability of stirring up conversations and meaningful interactions between people. According to him, encouraging engagement will lead to more shares from viewers and will also send off positive signals to the algorithm. In the video, he recommends that comments should be moderated to ensure that the conversations remain healthy and also starting off the conversation by posting the first comments on your stream. He further recommends the questions of viewers to be answered using the poll in- stream as it enables the viewers to feel heard and regarded. Of course, when a broadcast is engaging and interactive, It will invite more people to share their opinions and thoughts as you go along.
  • Data insights: He recommends that you should examine metrics in the creator studio such as Engagement signals, audience retention, and page follower growth, which will be instrumental when it comes to making improvements. Insights into audience retention and time to assemble can make you adjust the length of your broadcasts as well as times when key messages should be stated.

Apart from these keynotes Montgomery also covers some technical elements of Facebook live broadcasting, the use of music, and the reasons why you should be careful when using music content on your broadcast that you have no right to because this could end up being a huge problem later on.

He recommended that you should have rights to the music you choose to play while live streaming. Facebook reserves the right to pause, mute, or take down your video if any complaints are received.

To avoid any of these issues, he recommended that you check out the sound collection inside Creator Studio for songs that Facebook has pre-approved.

These tips are invaluable to Facebook live broadcasters and it is worth taking a good look at the video to get more technical tips. One more recommendation that is important is that you should promote your video after streaming it.

Facebook LIVE Broadcast

The Future Of Facebook LIVE Broadcast

The Facebook live broadcast has seen a significant increase during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, schools, nonprofits, musicians, media publishers, and businesses have turned to live streaming to reach their vast audience on social media.

Since the closure of physical locations, businesses have learned to publicize, promote, and even sell their products through social media platforms and tools like Facebook live streaming which is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms. The total views of Facebook live streams rose by 50% since January.

In conclusion, these recommendations from a Facebook insider can help you as a business or organization improve your Facebook live results.

Facebook live is an increasingly popular tool to help you reach customers and also promote your products. If not done right, it could be detrimental to you and your business.

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