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Search Engine Optimisation vs Social Media Optimisation, Who Will Win?😈


Search Engine Optimisation vs Social Media Optimisation, Who Will Win? 😈

A business owner who is new to the digital marketing world, they have no knowledge in search engine optimisation vs social media optimisation and how to bring out the maximum benefits of web traffic & brand awareness.

In Malaysia, SEO is underestimated to show the impact whereas social media marketing is overestimated to show the result of bringing leads.

Most of my clients are social media optimisation method die-hard fans. How about you?

To most campaign that we run for our client is social media marketing because it is efficient & effective. Once we set up a Facebook marketing campaign, clients start to follow up the leads the next day. Social media optimisation become essential is become the influence is growing and it’s become a daily habit for people to engage with each other.

If it is SEO, clients may need to wait patiently for the first 3 months when the keywords start to rank top (only for those just started SEO).

For long terms, SEO works better as the leads flow in organic without any advertising fees. But once the client stops ads fees at Facebook / Instagram marketing, the client will lose online presence too.

To bring more visitors to the website, the best way to do it is to have the SEO & social media optimisation works together.

How Does SEO and Social Media Work Together?

Basically, in layman term, the more social media activity you have, the higher chance to put the link at each post, the higher the chance audiences click on the link, more people visit the website and the higher the search engine ranking will be.

Sharing, engaging, commenting, endorsing on the good content of the brand name will show to search engine that’s this brand is keep mentioned by the audience.

The louder the “noise-level” of the business’ social media platforms are, the greater the business presence will be on the web. These websites will often show up on the SERPs when the brand’s name is entered. 

This is not only limited to static poster post & blog post but also videos. Google is always optimized to provide the most relevant information to users.

Youtube is part of Google. So, when someone search keyword like “How to kickstart digital marketing”, you will see the most relevant videos will appear at the top of Google. We can discuss in the next topic – YouTube SEO. 

This is how social media affects SEO elements such as Google algorithm because it gives a business more brand credibility and authority.

Maybe you will tell me Google does not list social media as part of the SEO element. But traffic is the most basic and important element for SEO. 

If Google sees the website always have a consistent flow of traffic, even though most are from social media, as most people engage with the content, Google will still see the website provide relevant and important information to the users. 

This will further push the ranking to the front of Google page. That’s why a business owner should be paying attention and incorporating social media tactics into their SEO strategies.

The more people talk about your brand, Google will know what your website ranks for. 

The more link that you spread in social media platform, it appears to be external links which is one of the basic elements to SEO.

When the website is rank top at Google page, it will have more traffic to the website, higher chance the users will go to the social media platform too. 

Social Media Strategies To Boost SEO

How to improve social proof with social media strategies to boost SEO? 

There are paid ads method and viral content with zero ads cost method to attract traffic. 

  1. Increase Engagement. Create engaging & compelling social media content. Ensure users always engage in your post and drive traffic back to the website. 
  2. Be the lead viral content shared by others. When social media content post is unique and has high value & quality sharable topics, users or bloggers will tend to share it out or put the link as reference in their own website or blog. Imagine the bloggers has 6 digits followers, once they shared your contents, it means those followers will have the chance to go back to your website again and increase the traffic flow rate. 
  3. Build the first 1000 die-hard fans. This method is evergreen, powerful and cost-effective as feedback shared by them are genuine and trustworthiness.
  4. Repurpose the contents. Rest assure the content is widespread to different social media platform as different social media platform has a variety of audience. 


Search Engine Optimisation vs Social Media Optimisation can work well together to get more leads organically. It helps each other. Even though the website does not do any SEO services, good contents flow at a social media platform will create a good impact on Google, the search engine too.

If you have other opinions, I am welcome you to chat with ME here.