SEO Service Malaysia

SEO Service Malaysia

Brand Credibility & Awareness

Search Engine Optimization or SEO ensures your brand is found easily via organic search by search engines. Ranking in the top three of the results of a search engine indicates your brand is among the top in the industry, thus boosting brand awareness as well as credibility.

How SEO Can Boost Brand Credibility and Awareness

  • With the integration of SEO and branding your business will generate more organic traffic. One way to do this is via link building. In SEO, links are an automatic indication to Google that your website has good resources worthy of citation. Your brand will be recognized and acknowledge as credible sources with link building in places like Reddit and other platforms. The links will be directed to your website when clicked, thus acquiring a bigger audience and building your brand.
  • Optimized Keywords are also essential in getting your site to rank high in search engine results, resulting in brand awareness. There are several types of keywords however long-tail keywords seem to be more effective.
  • Having a target niche audience is another good way to improve brand awareness. For example you may target small businesses or people and businesses in a specific area by using keywords they would search for. SEO can be used to build a brand from the ground up using effective strategies to produce optimal results.

Good Ranking

SEO gives your website is more chances to be among the top searches on a search engine. Ranking in regard to Search Engine Optimization is the position of your content or website on search engine results pages, otherwise known as SERPs. The closer you get to the number one (1) spot in SERPs, the higher your click-through rates become. We usually aim to have your content show up in the top three positions which is excellent for your brand and business. However, making it to the top ten (10) results or simply the first page is also good, especially if the industry is competitive.

Tip: To monitor your rankings open a browser in incognito mode and search for your business or brand.

Ranking Factors in Google

  • Having the right Uniform Resource Locator (URL) plays a key role in your content being displayed on the first page of the results of a search engine.
  • The loading speed of pages have been one of the top SEO factors for years. Having pages which lag or take too long to load will no doubt deter someone from visiting your website. Fast loading websites are will improves user experience.

High Conversion Rates

Good ranking in search engines leads to higher conversion rates. After the seven touch points namely Unawareness, Awareness/Problem Recognition, Interest / Education, Consideration, Justification, Purchase, Post Purchase, they will trust your brand. Website visitors will become familiar with your brand and after the seven touch points they will more likely complete the desired action.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a form of Inbound Marketing which is a process that helps potential customers become aware of and easily locate your company. Search Engine Optimization, is an inbound marketing strategy which targets organic website traffic. As opposed to outbound marketing strategy, the inbound marketing strategy are typically the most successful and effective source of leads. With this strategy, the customers will naturally gravitate to you if you provide useful information about the industry or product they are researching.


  • Monthly Subscription: RM1,500 per month (Min 6 Months Contract)
  • Keywords Research
  • Compelling High Relevancy Blog Copywriting (Content Writing)
  • Website Audit
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Onpage Optimization (Website Optimization; Meta Title; Meta Description; Meta Tag; H1 & H2 Tags; Featured Image; ALT Text; Key Phrase);
  • Offpage Optimization (Link Building, Backlink, Interlink)
  • Monthly Report
  • *Google My Business (Local Business)
  • *Robots.txt & Sitemap Submission
  • *Search Console Optimization Verification