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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A SEO Specialist Malaysia

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A SEO Specialist Malaysia

Before we make any purchase, we are always doing research or ‘homework’ to make sure every cent we pay is worthwhile. So, today I will share the 10 questions you as a boss should ask before hiring an SEO specialist Malaysia or KL SEO agency to manage for you.

In case you do not know what is SEO, SEO is search engine optimization, a process of getting free traffic from search results or keywords on search engines (Google). I don’t want to explain more what’s really is and how it works here as this is not the topic that I will share today. If you want to know more, you can google it.

How Will You Help Me To Improve My Website Ranking In Google?

Agency will do website audit about your business online traffic to your website. They can point out what is the flaw such as broken links, no SSL security certificate and so on. With SEO tools, you will know what is your competitors’ traffic too. So you will know exactly what is the real condition of your online traffic.

The specialist should explain to you the strategies to further improve the website ranking in Google and how long it will take to achieve the SEO campaign goal. Basically an SEO specialist will have three big job scope:- keywords research, on-page optimization & off-page optimization.

May I Know Who Are Your Local SEO Kuala Lumpur or International Clients and Their Website Ranking?

You can ask the list of their local SEO Kuala Lumpur or international clients and let them show you the results of the website ranking. You can ask them to show you how SEO impact their previous client and increase of the website traffic after engaging their services.

Do Your Agency Adhere To Google’s Algorithm Guideline?

Recently Google core algorithm has been updated and most of the website with bad backlinks and expired website has been wiped off. There are multiple updates throughout the whole year and this is just to make sure the user has their best experience while doing a user query at search engine.

You can always check with the specialist are they always updated with the algorithm and how will they overcome any changes.

Can You Guarantee No.1 Ranking In Google?

When you talk to the specialist, if they give you a guarantee that you will rank on page 1, you better run away from that. This is definitely a scam. How anyone can out beat and control the core algorithm of Google since there are more than 5000 updates in a year.

What Does Your Package Include?

SEO package should be included research on the type of contents and creating valuable contents that most users wanted. Doing keyword research on search volume.

✅ Keywords Research – check on search volume

✅ On-page Optimization – website optimization, user experience (UX), meta-title, description, tag and featured image

✅ Off-page Optimization – Backlink

How Will You Keep Me Informed Of The Progress?

A monthly report will be sent to you about the update of ranking on Google page of each keyword. In the report will mention the strategies or action plan on how to achieve the campaign goal too.

What Are Your Fees and Payment Terms In SEO Packages Malaysia?

SEO packages Malaysia can be 6 months or 12 months project. The price will be ranged from RM 5,000 (6 months) till RM30,000 (12 months) depends on how many keywords that your business would like to rank for.

Keywords in a different industry are one of the important elements to decide the price too.

Keywords Example: Digital Marketing VS Digital Marketing Malaysia

Competition of the keyword of Digital Marketing is higher compared to the keyword of Digital Marketing Malaysia. So the service fees to rank Digital Marketing will be higher. More effort, time and investment are needed to boost the keywords of Digital Marketing.

What Happens When We Part Ways?

Always check on the contract whether all the link building, contents writing are belonging to you. It means if when you terminate the contract with the SEO specialist Malaysia or freelancer SEO Malaysia, make sure they won’t remove or change any of the content they created for the SEO project. If they do so, all your page 1 ranking webpage will be removed from Google search engine.

Before signing the contract, you should ask how much the retainer fees. It means after the first year, how much you need to pay for the second year to maintain all the positions of the keywords.

How To Define A Successful SEO Campaign?

To monitor the effort of the SEO campaign by SEO specialist Malaysia, you must track the website traffic and the traffic source. The specialist must know how to track the improvement in website’s Google rankings, the number of links from other website driving traffic to your own website, the kinds of keywords searchers uses to find your website and etc.

Insert Google Search Console & Google Analytics and monitor closely the traffic to the website. You will gain all the insight such as traffic source (social, direct, search, or referral).

So, be sure to ask how often they plan to share these important analytics with you and how they would use the data to continually improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.

Is SEO Worth To Invest?

SEO is most of the most cost-effective online inbound marketing strategies because it targets to users who actively make a search query for your products and services only.

SEO strategy does not need any advertising fees. Free organic traffic flow to your website generate leads for any business if your website rank on page 1.

SEO is long term strategies since keywords ranking will take duration to rank at from 3 months to 6 months. SEO definitely will bring a great impact in bringing online traffic to the website if it manages to rank on page one. Furthermore, websites that appear on page one will achieve higher authorities.

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