SEO vs PPC Which Is Better To Your Business In 2020

SEO VS PPC Which Is Better To Your Business In 2020?SEO vs SEM








SEO VS PPC Which Is Better To Your Business In 2020?  Both strategies are worked at Google, the search engine. This is one of the common questions when clients look through all the digital marketing strategies. To attract more traffic, the right targeted audience to the website online, the first consideration is to check out the customer behaviour, purchasing pattern and the sales funnel.

Google marketing strategy is pull marketing. Simple to say, customers will come to the “doorstep” voluntarily. This method assures to attract customers to a brand/ website through keywords searching. This helps to strengthen brand awareness strategies and brand credibility building.

What Is SEO?

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SEO, Search Engine Optimization, one of the vital strategies to increase the quality & quantity traffic to the website by using ORGANIC search engines result with relevant keywords.

SEO involves three steps: keyword research, on-page optimization & off-page optimization. The business owner needs to hire in-house SEO talents or outsource to SEO consultancy.

Pro: No advertising fees required, traffic is free

Cons: Take a longer time to rank to the first page of Google; require cost for every click.

What Is PPC?

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PPC, Pay Per Click, also known as Search Engine Marketing, which advertisers pay advertisement fee each time one of their ads is clicked so that to get more traffic to their website.

Pro: Appear on the first page once start the advertisement

Cons: Need to pay advertisement fees

Differences Between SEO & PPC

We will always recommend SEO & PPC to our B2B clients. But SEO VS PPC Which Is Better To Your Business In 2020? Google should be the main platform for outreach the audience and pull traffic to the website. Prospect will type in keywords to search for their products or services.

Purpose SEO vs PPC

Define the purpose or objective of the business campaign. Here are a few questions that can help you to determine that.

Who are the targeted audiences?

  • If your business nature is B2B, means your customers are businesses. Based on the customers’ behaviour, prospects will proactively search for information at Google. Then the prospect will shortlist the companies which they found from the website. So, if you the business owner who wants this group of prospect at Google. Then you must opt for Google platforms.

Is it long terms or short terms strategies?

  • If you want to go for long terms strategies for branding awareness and lead generation, then you must not miss SEO. SEO takes longer time to rank at Google. PPC, Google search ads works best at short terms strategies as it is good for product announcement, promotion shout out and etc as the ads can appear on the first page of Google. Once you finished the budget, your ads will no longer appear on Google.

How much budget allocation?

SEO requires services fees or salary to an SEO specialist.  PPC needs advertisement fees and services fees to the SEO agency if you outsource to an agency.

What is the talents level in the company or organization?

If you hire an SEO specialist, the salary will be range from RM8,000 to RM12,000. If you hire a paid agent, you might need to pay 20% to 30% of media buy spent. A hired inhouse paid ads staff also required RM5,000 till RM8,000.

Does SEO & SEM help each other in ranking at google page?

Yes, definitely. I will always advise my clients based on three categories. If clients do not have a budget problem, I will advise them to do SEO and PPC together. Not because they have more budget to spend. But to accelerate the flow of the traffic to the website. Google will perceive the message that the website has great and steady traffic flow to the website. Then it will help to grow the credibility of this website. At the same time, the company will get more sales too.

If clients have a limited budget, then why not run the project by phrase. Clients can do PPC campaign for the first three months as SEO need to take 3 to 6 months to rank. So, PPC can help the company to get some sales in

If clients really have a small budget, then we will advice them to go for SEO projects as SEO is for long terms strategies which include branding awareness and lead gen.

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