Social commerce Malaysia

Generally, Malaysia is one of the major market known as social commerce endorser. In Malaysia, there is a thriving % of social platform audiences who are possible to transform into buying consumers hence ensuing a greater return per sequence.

How Social Commerce assist Malaysia brands?

Compatible user expansion

 In Malaysia, 80 percent of customers seek advise from Facebook and evaluate before buying a product. Almost out of 50 percent of Malaysian utilize IG and YouTube for the corresponding purpose.

Besides that, social commerce enable your business to inspect your target users and advance those conclusive when generating your marketing approach, in another word you may await your social media supporter compute to expand at a compatible rate.

Greater search engine ranking

Social commerce approved to exceedingly improve genuine traffic to your site or browsing store which will eventually impact your search engine results ranking.

Accommodating your website links collaborative through social media to thrive more genuine audience traffic and engagement to your browsing store will lead an impersonation to Google which your site is progressing.

Consumer custody and faithfulness

Through social commerce, allows you to develop a great relation with customer especially if your target user is in Malaysia whereby verbalized is treasured. Owning an imaginative social media channel and exposure for your brand able to assist your business expand, manage and strengthen the belief and faithfulness of your consumer against your brand. In another word, your social commerce commitment will grow and customer will convert to your supporters, recommending your goods and services on their social platform.

Widely used trends of social commerce in Malaysia

The largest and Ramadan celebration which last for a a month

Ramadan month could be a moment for depravity, most of the Islamic have alternated their opinion, inquiring and buying patterns.

YouTube remarked a 25 percent grow in the quantity of time consumed watching ritual videos during the Ramadan month. Ramadan develops a fully spike in inquiry for allure and vogue guidance. Waze users driving to go back to their hometowns which bring about 25 percent rise in their distance consumed throughout the Ramadan fall.

Islamic women are entitled to start a business.

 Islamic women usually hold main position in business and education, as you can see they have self-assurance and social abilities especially when stopping over outlets, motels and market booths.

Ascending expansion of Halal beauty

The halal beauty brand cherish Islamic women who are attracted to cosmetics. Malaysian customers are progressively searching for halal proven cosmetics and self care products.

Halal beauty brands and popular names such as Johnson and johnson are adapting the southeast Asian beauty market. By 2025, the universe halal cosmetics market is likely to hit around 200 billion hence Malaysia is targeting to be the worldwide center for halal cosmetics.

Korean civilization is progressively achieving acclaim.

Ensuing the accomplishment of Korea comedy, movies and famous music, other shape of Korean civilization have also lead their way here. K-pop, the leading Korea music category has fascinated Malaysian inquisitive due to its image in Korean comedy.

As claimed by Google research, online video and Korean beauty inspirers in appropriate are well known among Malaysian women between 18 to 34 years old.