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How Social Media Marketing Malaysia Bring Benefits To Business?

How Social Media Marketing Malaysia Bring Benefits To Business?

10 years ago, everyone treats social media is just a social community or make friends group. Before Facebook, there was another version of the social community which named Friendster. Anyone still remember that?? However, during that time, no one would ever think of social media marketing Malaysia will become one of the latest and popular job scope in Malaysia.

what kind of services is available from social media agency in Malaysia?

So, what kind of services are available from social media agency in Malaysia now? Or another sentence, what do you think a social media manager job scope? Before I touch other social media platform, I will use Facebook as an example because the most popular social media platform still belongs to Facebook.

So, what is your perception of a social media manager job scope? 9-5 playing facebook? or just write some sentences, get some pictures and upload to Facebook?? The answer is NO! Your in-house or outsource social media specialist need to study the business industry in and out to really know what is the latest trend or what kind of contents your customer would love to read. Another word is they are content specialist too. Other than that, they will study your competitors and draft few options for creative content regardless images or videos to post on the Facebook newsfeed. This is getting harder and challenging because the Facebook algorithm is always changing. Especially last year Facebook announced that they will be putting more focus on engagement and perhaps only 2% till 5% followers will see the updated content on Facebook. Facebook wants marketers or business to do advertisement on their post. So the next question is, since Facebook wants to emphasize on an advertisement, is posting content on Facebook still essential? Does it mean that social media specialist become obsolete? The answer is NO!

Imagine your Facebook page is like your house, when your customers visit your house, inside your house do not have many types of furniture. So your customers will have doubt whether are you really staying in this house. Same theory goes to the Facebook page, if there are not frequent update when your customers visit your page, they might think that is your business really valid or are you really serious about your business? You wouldn’t want your potential customer will have every chance to have this kind of question in mind. Because if they have it, the biggest chance is you are going to lose your customers.

Creative content is the most important. This is the reasons of the social media specialist will spend so much time to study the business industry trends, study the targeted potential customers and competitors, draft the content, do A/B testing ( means testing with different creative contents), and do analytics. Why do analysis?? Because of they are too free…Nooo, of course not. The real reason is they need to see which creative content will bring higher engagement to a certain group, certain interest, certain age and etc. All the data collected will be analysed and interpret new marketing strategies so that social media specialist can optimize every content they post up on your Facebook page. So, end up the most beneficial party is you and your business because you can save more money to get quality engagement with your customers. Seeing the importance to update facebook or social media post, some company will hire in-house social media specialist or outsource to social media agency.

How To Choose Social Media Marketing Agency Malaysia?

So, how to choose social media marketing agency Malaysia? First of all, check their own Facebook page. Ask them their existing clients social proof. Lastly, talk to them. In Malaysia, normally social media agency will provide FOC consultancy.  So, by talking to them, you will know roughly how experienced they are or what kind of idea they can get assist you to increase the social media engagement with your customers. Social media marketing has a wide range of services which included Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Wechat, Youtube, Snapchat and etc. A good social media marketing agency will advise you according to your business industry and customize a social media marketing plan for you with certain related social media platform only. Social media platform is just a marketing tool. Your marketing plan works is because of how well you utilize platform which suits your business industry so that you can scale it out with affordable budget.


  1. If you are from SME, selling Online Education, the social media platform will be Facebook & LinkedIn & Youtube.
  2. If you are doing E-Commerce, selling apparel, the social media platform will be Facebook & Instagram
  3. If you are from the Government Sector, the social media platform is Twitter & Facebook

Plan To Meet Up Social Media Agency Kuala Lumpur

There are many social media agency Kuala Lumpur. After you almost finish reading my article, you still don’t know how to choose the most suitable social media agency, just contact all of them, listen to their proposal or pitching to you. When you meet the 5th social media agency, you definitely know what is social media marketing about and how they can help to accelerate your business. Or you can save more time by contacting us also. What you can do is, click here. Then you can leave your contact, we will call you back here.