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Digital Marketing Strategies in Malaysia

Why Video Marketing Can Level Up Your Digital Marketing Strategies In Malaysia?

Why Video Marketing Can Level Up Your Digital Marketing Strategies In Malaysia

Video Marketing become one of the Must-Not-Missed digital marketing strategies in Malaysia. Video simplifies the message or information to the viewer from advertiser or businesses that are tried to communicate.

Experts had predicted that by 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads.

To win over the targeted audience, a video marketing plan must able to weave a beautiful story to market products/ services, that ability to engage with the audience by triggering their curiosity or asking for “what’s next?”.

Marketers have to be able to conduct a series of the marketing mix to let the audience consistently hooked on the stories that the marketers want to tell the audiences. Video is a powerful tool to achieve that objective.

How To Become A Good Story Teller With Video Marketing Strategy?

There are many varieties of videos which can meet the different objective to strengthen brand online presence. Remember to make keep the videos short, creative and capture the attention at first 3 seconds. Moreover, show emotional message such as humour, sensible or fun. Tell one story at a time and highlight the context at the beginning, tell the storyline in the middle and have strong CTA (call to action) at the end of the video.

  • Brand Video (Company policies and culture) – Consumers will understand how your products/services benefit them
  • Testimonial Video – Establish credibility and trust that empowered by existing customers
  • Explanation Video (How-to videos) – Use motion graphics to visually describe how the products/services work in details
  • Products Video (Demo, help and support tutorials) – A series of videos that focus on features and benefits of the products/ services
  • Hype Video (LIVE, Webinars) – Highlight of the event/ launch
  • Interview Video (Leaderships discussions and talks) – Empower on brand identity or company background

Video Marketing Is A Booster Of Marketing Mix To Digital Marketing Strategies

High-quality video contents can grow your business, engage with your targeted audience, trigger consumer curiosity & interest, boost sales and conversions. It gives a good ROI for any businesses regardless of B2C or B2B.

The content quality is very important, but the production quality is not that important. People love authentic content. Even though you are using your simple recording tools, as long as the structured content is engaging enough and manage to understand what you’re trying to deliver. This is why people watch FB or Youtube LIVE, Webinar LIVE.

Video reduces the bounce rate/ Improve SEO

With an interesting video, it can capture the audience’s attention. Eventually, it helps to prolong the stay on the website if the videos are embedded in the website.

The lower of the bounce rate, it improves the ranking score on Google. It’s also telling Google that the website able to provide high-value information to audiences. This will improve SEO ranking.

Video is more sharable

The only motivation the audience share the videos is they share the emotions caused by the videos, not the production, not how glamour the video is taken. It’s either the videos are kind of fun or sad or excited. This will improve the social shares.

Social shares will eventually increase the web traffic to the website or brand exposure. So, businesses receive more enquiries and sales, so as the number of ROI.

Video builds trust

Content marketing used to build trust and create long-term engagement with audiences. People don’t like to be sold. But people appreciate any interesting and high-value useful information.

To maximize brand identity exposure, you need people to trust it, love it and endorse it.

Articles or blog on the website is important to create attention from audiences. Video content is likely to engage people and ignite emotions with visual and audio. It’s always widely used in grabbing a cold audience.

When people start to engage, video content can be widespread in 3-fold or even 10-fold.

Video grab user attention/ Spread brand awareness

Video marketing is really just the act of incorporating video into your marketing strategy to help increase brand identity recognition and awareness.

How To Leverage From The Benefits Of Video Marketing Strategies?

Repurpose of video content

Video contents can be repurposed and turn it into another high-value & useful content. There is plenty of example such as audio podcast, blog post, one-minute hype video, GIF, the one-minute trailer for social media platforms, create FB, IG, Messengers stories, quote, combine short videos and turn into longer videos.

The reasons to repurpose content is to empower or amplify the messenger or information to audiences. Audiences will find it easier to digest or to remember. This create a powerful synergy between the different channels and social media platform. Higher possibility to make it viral and give a high chance on high ROI (return on investment).

Build 1000 fans

Video marketing strategy is like putting a master storyteller to share every bit of information, features & benefits of product/ service in visual and audio. As long as you make sure the content is high-value and entertaining, the sharable among the audience will be high and you can find the like-minded audience which you can call them fans or community.

It is crucial to building the first 1000 fans. A lot of businesses owner is targeting everyone and everywhere. But to increase the conversion of marketing strategies, it will be always to convert the first 1000 true fans.

When the first 1000 fans make $100 each every month, it is a promising revenue of $100,000 for the business. Imagine these 1000 fans share out the videos to other customers. It is a free powerful advertisement.


Video marketing strategy is considered one of the popular digital marketing strategies in Malaysia. Adding a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% and above, as videos offer a more detailed description of your product or service.

If you would like to have a customised comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business, let’s chat here. You can have full funnels for your business with RM5,000 for 3 months.



Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia

5 Vital Elements To Ensure The Success Of Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia

5 Vital Elements To Ensure The Success Of Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia

There are 5 vital elements to ensure the success of Digital Marketing Plans In Malaysia in terms to grow their business in 2020. This is to ensure your business has a greater competitive advantage across other competitors. Digital marketing plans are not only limits to content creation such as a blog, post, ads & funnels at a different platform. It is beyond that. Let me share with you.

Design A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies

Strategies design is important because it will determine the rate of success of the whole campaign. You seriously need plans to determine the goal, KPI, customers profiling, list out the strength & weakness of the business, verify the proportional of market share, understand the customers buying experience, craft budget to spend effectively and maximise the leverage of existing resource to achieve the optimization of the digital marketing campaign.

A robust digital marketing strategy includes short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies. As business growth is divided into different phase too from startup, growth, maturity and renewal or decline. In a different phase, you need a different combination of digital marketing to grow the business.

You can use a few tools to assist you to do the planning, example like SMART analysis, SWOT analysis, Keller’s Brand Equity Model, Ansoff Matrix, Brand Identity Prism and etc.

These tools can help you to understand the current situation of the business before you do any plans to drive your business to another upward growth. With these 5 analysis tools, you will be able to pick a blindspot of your business strategies and implement a relevant strategy to overcome the problem in the business.

Digital Marketing Talent Team

With the plans that you have now, you need a person or a team to execute it. If not, all planning is just theoretical planning and bring no meaning to business growth. To get talent manpower, it is closely related to your budget and resource available.

If you already have an existing marketing team to run a marketing plan for your company, you may need to leverage from your existing team by equipping them an appropriate digital marketing knowledge with training.

If you don’t have any existing team, you might need to do a projection budget whether you can sustain a full team like a digital marketer, copywriter and graphic designer. I know there are plenty of bosses who hires a digital marketer cum copywriter cum graphic designer. But how much the person can do all the plans in a schedule timeline.

Effectively Allocate Advertisement Budget

How much you can allocate a budget to hire a digital marketing team to handle a comprehensive digital marketing plan?

As far as you know, you need a copywriter, digital marketer and graphic designer to run a very basic digital marketing campaign. This does not even include SEO specialist & SEO copywriters.

To get these three expertise on board, you need at least RM 12,000 per month to run a campaign from planning till execution. This does not include media buy to spend in FB or Google platform.

If you decide to outsource these services to a digital marketing agency, you may need to prepare RM2,000 to RM5,000 per month inclusive media buy for two platforms. You still get three expertise to plan on your campaign.

If you decide that you want to do by yourself, means you have to gain basic knowledge of marketing, content writing skill, graphic design skill and how to do the account set up at FB or Google.

You can learn all these with digital marketing course by the digital marketing training centre. Other than knowledge, make sure you have enough time to plan to execute to achieve digital marketing plan KPI.

Compelling Content Marketing

To run a successful digital marketing plan, compelling content creation is a must. It’s like the heart of a body.

Good marketing of products or services depends on how many consumers can remember the brand or businesses. Good content can trigger emotion and influence any consumer purchasing behaviour and pattern by instilling the brand seeds into their mind.

Content marketing framework involves research, goal setting, content strategies, content creation, content curation, outreach and engagement to attract & retain potential customers. I have shared the content marketing framework in my previous post.

There are different content strategies in between B2B & B2C business. You have to understand what are the search behaviour and buying behaviour from potential customers.

For B2B business, most potential customers will take initiative more to search for info. So, the first phase of outreach to the most potential customers can be Google platform, the search engine.

For B2C business such as consumer products like apparel, cosmetic or etc, first phrase of outreach to the most potential customers can be Facebook Or Instagram.

Fully Utilisation Of Digital Marketing Tools

As a boss, you might need to know how to read a report from Google Analytics, traffic audit report and etc. Other than analysis digital tools, you might need to know what other digital tools that can help in your digital marketing campaign.

You do not need to know how it operates but at least you need to know what others important tools so that it improves communications with your digital marketer or team.

Tracking Tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Heatmap, Kissmetrics

SEO Tools: Google Keywords Planner, SEMRush, Ahref, Screaming Frogs, Similar Web

Content Tools: Feedly, Buzzsumo, Sprout Social, Ubersuggest

Social Media Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer, Right Relevance

Spend some time to understand all these tools may help you to understand how digital marketing strategies work instead of you got to listen to everything from your digital marketer.

Last words…

If you have additional feedback other than these 5 elements, let’s email me and we can chat here. If you want to learn more about my agency’s services, do drop me an email too.