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Why Implementing SEO Into Your Business Will Increase Profits

Why Implementing SEO Into Your Business Will Increase Profits


Running a business during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging especially since most of the world was in lockdown. One of the most challenging factors was slowly transitioning a business to remote or online. All over the world people had to learn many skills such as how to use SEO. While some succeeded others did not. 


As more and more businesses go remote or online in 2021 it’s important to make sure you implement SEO into your business and here’s why. 


First things first, what is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a tool that many online companies use to target their customers and have them either look at the company’s website or purchase their products. 


The purpose of SEO is to have your website gain more visibility and if this happens then it will generate more traffic to your website. 


In 2017, E-commerce businesses accounted for $2.3 trillion in global sales, and by 2021 these sales are expected to increase to $4.88 trillion. So, if you want some of these sales it’s important to have a strong SEO strategy. 


However, it’s important to know that search engine optimization algorithms change and evolve. So, it’s also important to be up to date and change up your strategy whenever you need to. 


Why do I need to use SEO?


As mentioned, utilizing SEO in your website or business can increase traffic, and then you have the ability to generate more sales. 


Now if you don’t use SEO then it will be well doneharder for your targeted audience to notice you and check you out. 


So, let’s say you run an online candle business if SEO is not implemented when customers go online and search for “candles to buy”. They will most likely not see your website and what they will see is other candle businesses that use SEO to rank higher in the online world. 


You can have the best business idea, or if you’re a writer, you can have written the best article in the world. However, if you’re not ranked high in SEO then no one will know who you or your website/business are.  


SEO tactics that you can use to increase profit today


Trying to develop a successful SEO strategy can be difficult but if you use these tactics then you will be able to rank higher on the online web. 


Use Keywords


When it comes to SEO, using keywords is very important. If a potential customer is trying to buy certain things online, they’re going to need to input keywords to find the product they want. 


So, if you’re website isn’t ranked high on the search page then customers will most likely not click on your page. They will most likely click the first few links that appear on their search page. 


An example of using a keyword is if a buyer wants to purchase headphones, they will input keywords such as best headphones to get, affordable headphones, or best Bluetooth headphones. If your website or article includes these keywords repeatedly then the chances of your website ranking higher are greater. 


You can also be more specific if you want to target a particular audience. You can do this by incorporating specific wording in your keywords.


Such as burrito recipes for vegans, best hair gels for men, and so on. The more specific, the better it is to hone on your target audience. 


Use social media


A great way to potentially earn more profits for your company is utilizing social media as part of your SEO strategy. 


Social media has been growing at a tremendous rate because more and more people are going on social media to either post or conduct business there. Approximately 45% of the world is now using social media and due to this, social media has evolved to become a part of a modern SEO strategy. 


You can use platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more to increase brand awareness and connect with your audience. 


Use an SEO marketing company to rank higher


If you’re not tech-savvy or just having a hard time trying to rank higher despite trying everything. Then it’s time to look into contracting an SEO marketing company to help you with SEO. 



To find more information or to get a 60 min free consultation to have your page rank number one on Google and start cashing out on the profits, then click the button below


Benefits of SEO

How Do Local Businesses Benefit From SEO Service

How do local businesses benefit from SEO Service?

If you want to make your recognition in the local market, then you need to advertise your business by using digital marketing techniques. The benefits of local SEO are several, and it becomes an extremely competitive space as more organizations are investing money and time in marketing online. 

For a small business, local SEO offers greater potential to drive more business to your company. It is significant for your businesses to improve sales, customers, and awareness.

A strategy that takes search engine optimization one step further and helps businesses find what they need that is closest to them. This is the best way to make your recognition in the industry since it works by including your geographic information in the search engine list. 

It allows it to be more easily found based on the location of the customers. Most consumers use smartphones to search for their products and services. With the help of the appropriate local SEO, you will get a high-ranking in the search engine, and it drives more traffic to your business. With the unique advertising style, an efficient local SEO increases the profit of your business. It is a productive way of marketing by using effective techniques. Learn more about how we can help you in improving your sales.

Increases Web-Traffic 

If you are not taking benefits of local SEO, then you may be competing for ranking in the search results with the organization in different areas of the country that can be larger than you. It means the majority of the consumers will pass you over. If you are using SEO in the local market, then you will get more clicking. It drives more and more traffic to your web page.

To run your business successfully, you need to present your business profile professionally. Your online presence online should be 100% sure. Therefore, a responsive website can help your customers to access it immediately. It is possible with the help of effective SEO services.

Little Cost But More Sales

The SEO technique in the local market contains much potential for your small business since it attracts more audience. People who are close to your store and are actively seeking your business type can get access to your website without any hassle. A huge group of people will prefer to be your business customers.

For local searches, optimizing your website is a time-consuming task like regular SEO, but it does not cost you higher. If you do it well and getting a high ranking in the local searches, you will put your business right in front of the audience found in the local industry, and they are ready to purchase. It means this concerted local SEO campaign leads to a huge return on your business investment. If you compare cost and SEO benefits, you will find it beneficial for you. 

Improves Your Online Visibility

Converting your customers is the major objective of SEO, but making people in the local market aware that your products and service exist is highly important. Consider all the times you search for dental clinic areas, hardware stores, or restaurants in your area. What is important in all that? 

Online presence and visibility are the most vital thing here. If local SEO is done properly, then your small business will be the top brand in the area. You can be on the list of competitors that belong to large corporations.

Leads Generation

SEO is extremely popular these days. It is designed for the entrepreneurs to build a crowd in interpersonal interaction. For offering a strong help to your business about SEO work, numerous aides are presented on the lookout. 

A client can appreciate a brilliant administration related to website designing and improvement by benefiting assortment of arrangements and SEO administration, including area examination, SEO review of your site, Anchor Text Variation including definite match watchwords, stripped URL, and marked catchphrases. SEO professional will support traffic to your site.

Lead generation leads to the immediate selling exchange. It is a profoundly productive, immediate, and dynamic channel. It is a phenomenal method to establish the non-retail climate. It is an open business that needs no administrator who is thinking about you liable.

Bottom Line

To promote your new or small business and make your recognition in the local market, SEO contains the potential to be a great tool. It lets them be competitive in their area but to be the head of their competition. From other medium or small-sized businesses to huge corporations with a location in the industry, a business owner can utilize the local SEO Services to be at the top of the list in the search engine results. So what are you waiting for? Sign up our seo service today and get your website ranked top 1!


Beauty SEO

Boosting Your Beauty Industry With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boosting Your Beauty Industry Business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Ever wonder how do you grow your online beauty business to the next step after building and design your website? Well, today we are going to discuss about how search engine optimization (SEO) can help you grow your business by inviting tremendous amount of traffic into your website.

 Online Beauty Industry has always been one of the most creative and exciting industries to be a part of but we all know that it comes with a lot of challenge. With new independent beauty brands popping up left and right on a daily basis as well as iconic brands like L’oreal and Mary Kay diversifying their product offerings, it might seem like there’s no space for new players, But that’s simply not true as it’s all about carving out your target market using online strategies and delivering the content they crave in a way that leads to profitable margins and high ROI’s. So tag along to get more insight into how SEO will significantly transform your endeavors in the beauty industry.

Know Your Audience

To thrive in the beauty industry while building an SEO industry: it will be better to understand various aspects that touch your buyers like, their persona. If you know the buyer’s persona, you will create content that will fascinate them and strengthen loyalty and trust towards you. Conduct research to find your target market and the groups that use or may use your brand. Divide them according to their age, interests, level of income, and others. Segmentation will allow you to optimize content according to the groups.

Do not stop at identifying your target market, but also mark your competitors. Identify the competitors with whom you share similar ideas and learn about the opportunities that your beauty brand can explore to outsmart them. Also, group them (primary, secondary, & tertiary), know how they are progressing on their websites and their market positioning. Review the competitors’ reviews on social media to see how they interact with their community. It will be easy to differentiate yourself after the completion of the competitive analysis.

Search For And Use Keywords In The Beauty Industry

When drafting your brand’s SEO strategy, keywords will form the nucleus part of it. Well researched keywords will move your brand to the top without much hustle. To find valuable keywords, study the keywords that your competitors in the industry use. Get to the specific keywords according to your products. Every product will have designated keywords that you will include on the product pages and content.

While searching for keywords, remember to find long-tail keywords: Keywords whose words are more than four words: brief sentences that a person may search online.
Restructure your beauty industry website

Having a website does not guarantee success in the beauty industry e-commerce. What matters is the format and the adherence to the SEO ranking requirements. If you want to improve your SEO ranking, then:

Secure your website by purchasing a secure socket layer certificate that indicates that your address is safe. Secure sites rank at the top and leave clients to rest in their minds after knowing that their information does not reach the hackers.

Many people around the world use mobile devices to access websites. So, Ensure that you optimize your website for mobile users: let it be light for quick access by smartphones.

Draft a strong meta-description for potential clients to get the gist of the content they expect to view. Let it have specific keywords to specific content, use an active voice, and include a call to action.

Optimize the images of your beauty industry by adding the Alt-Text. Alt-Text will help the visually impaired people and the bots to understand your beauty business images deeply. They will satisfy both the audience and the search engine crawlers.

Redirect pages of old or unavailable products. Redirecting will enable your customers to access new products and continue ranking highly.

Optimize your beauty product page for Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing the product page, the communication of your brand’s tone will be successful and will match the content on your blogs and home page. How will you achieve it?

Optimize the product images by making them professional and quality on your website. These images should reflect what your beauty brand will offer as they circulate on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Make the product images fit for desktop and mobile use, get different angles of your product, and let the lighting be optimum.
Make the product description keyword rich. Answer what and where the question in the mind of your potential customer.

Put keywords on the title. Include the business brand and product description in the title. If it is a shampoo, indicate the color, scent, and ingredients.

Incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your beauty business may seem mountainous but do not worry. The sector is sprouting that SEO is the only thing that you need to capture the online audience. For expert SEO assistance or any query, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.


5 Major Scope Of Search Engine Optimization Services Malaysia

5 Major Scope Of Search Engine Optimization Services Malaysia

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO is a method of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine result. I will be sharing with you what is the search engine optimization services Malaysia. If you still confused with that, imagine you are searching digital “yellow pages”, you will get the result after you type in the relevant keywords. The results that you see on the page of Google are businesses’ website or their profile. If you want to add your business into the “yellow pages”, you need to subscribe.

But how to stand out from competitor? In Google, you need to do SEO on your website to push up the ranking so that they can rank on page 1 if you want your business to stand out from the competition. The higher your website rank, the more attention you can get from your potential customers.

Here are the major 5 scopes of search engine optimization services Malaysia when you engage an SEO specialist from a digital marketing agency.

Website Development and Website Audit

If you want to rank your website on Google, you need a website. Or you can use local Business SEO to make an online presence at Google map. To build a website, make sure the website is built based on this requirement:

  • SEO Friendly Theme
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO content copywriting
  • SEO Oriented Structure & Layout

If the business has an existing website, then need to run a website audit to make sure all are needed such as:

  • Detailed Analytics Are Well Installed In Website (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel). Google Search Console must be verified.
  • Site Performance. Analyze the basic structure, content and loading speed.
  • Design Problems. A Good SEO website is not only just presentable. But the copywriting and the arrangement of information take a big role as well.
  • Bad Link. Scan every website page to ensure there is no broken link.
  • Traffic Flow. Check the existing traffic source

Keywords Research With Search Intention

Keywords research is one of the important elements that decide whether the website can rank fast or not. When doing keyword research, there are few things that need to take note.

Keyword Research

  • What are people searching for?
  • How many people are searching for it?
  • In what format (image/ blog/ video/ featured snippet/ knowledge graph) do they want that information?

What are searchable keywords? In the graphic, it shows “digital marketing Malaysia” has monthly searches in 1600. This is a high search of a keyword. When more people search for the keywords, it means the higher the competition for a website to crawl to the first page on Google. More effort and time are needed to achieve organic ranking success.

Long-tail keywords are highly specific with the searchable intention and low competitive keywords. Eg of long-tail keywords:

  • How can digital marketing help me grow my business?
  • What are the most effective tools of digital marketing?
  • What are the advantages of digital marketing in the business marketing strategy?

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is the method of optimizing each web pages in order to rank higher and attract more quality traffic in search engines. On-page optimization includes content writing and backend set up.

There are three elements to optimize.

  • Technical Optimisation – meta title; meta description; ALT text; featured image, H1 & H2 tag & page loading (<2 second)
  • Content Writing – focus on a topic that people showing interest to read (using How To; Best of; Tips; Trends). This is to increase the CTR (click-through-rate) to the website.
  • Internal Links – traffic is evenly distributed around the website and helps to increase the relevance of a sub-page regarding a particular keyword. A site map is one of the most important on-page optimisations to enable visitors to navigate around the whole website.

Off-Page Optimisation

Offpage optimization is referring to the effort of creating a backlink. Creating backlink refers to the efforts that can be taken outside of the actual website to improve its position in search ranking.

This helps in brand mentions from another website. The more brand mentions, the higher authorities of the actual website because this method simply tells Google what others think about the actual website.

If the actual website receives more valuable links from another high-value website, Google will assume the actual website got a lot of great content. And the content will benefit to any search engine users.

Report & Rank Tracking

The SEO specialist will provide a monthly report with accurate data to state the current ranking of every keyword. At the same time, they will examine the website and come out with the strategies on how to improve rankings, outrank competitors, drive traffic, and boost profits in less time.  The whole process can be gained by using different SEO metrics tools and insight to show what to do next to achieve SEO ranking success.

I hope that this 5 major services area will help to clarify what will be the SEO specialist doing. if you want to know more. Let’s chat with me here.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A SEO Specialist Malaysia

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A SEO Specialist Malaysia

Before we make any purchase, we are always doing research or ‘homework’ to make sure every cent we pay is worthwhile. So, today I will share the 10 questions you as a boss should ask before hiring an SEO specialist Malaysia or KL SEO agency to manage for you.

In case you do not know what is SEO, SEO is search engine optimization, a process of getting free traffic from search results or keywords on search engines (Google). I don’t want to explain more what’s really is and how it works here as this is not the topic that I will share today. If you want to know more, you can google it.

How Will You Help Me To Improve My Website Ranking In Google?

Agency will do website audit about your business online traffic to your website. They can point out what is the flaw such as broken links, no SSL security certificate and so on. With SEO tools, you will know what is your competitors’ traffic too. So you will know exactly what is the real condition of your online traffic.

The specialist should explain to you the strategies to further improve the website ranking in Google and how long it will take to achieve the SEO campaign goal. Basically an SEO specialist will have three big job scope:- keywords research, on-page optimization & off-page optimization.

May I Know Who Are Your Local SEO Kuala Lumpur or International Clients and Their Website Ranking?

You can ask the list of their local SEO Kuala Lumpur or international clients and let them show you the results of the website ranking. You can ask them to show you how SEO impact their previous client and increase of the website traffic after engaging their services.

Do Your Agency Adhere To Google’s Algorithm Guideline?

Recently Google core algorithm has been updated and most of the website with bad backlinks and expired website has been wiped off. There are multiple updates throughout the whole year and this is just to make sure the user has their best experience while doing a user query at search engine.

You can always check with the specialist are they always updated with the algorithm and how will they overcome any changes.

Can You Guarantee No.1 Ranking In Google?

When you talk to the specialist, if they give you a guarantee that you will rank on page 1, you better run away from that. This is definitely a scam. How anyone can out beat and control the core algorithm of Google since there are more than 5000 updates in a year.

What Does Your Package Include?

SEO package should be included research on the type of contents and creating valuable contents that most users wanted. Doing keyword research on search volume.

✅ Keywords Research – check on search volume

✅ On-page Optimization – website optimization, user experience (UX), meta-title, description, tag and featured image

✅ Off-page Optimization – Backlink

How Will You Keep Me Informed Of The Progress?

A monthly report will be sent to you about the update of ranking on Google page of each keyword. In the report will mention the strategies or action plan on how to achieve the campaign goal too.

What Are Your Fees and Payment Terms In SEO Packages Malaysia?

SEO packages Malaysia can be 6 months or 12 months project. The price will be ranged from RM 5,000 (6 months) till RM30,000 (12 months) depends on how many keywords that your business would like to rank for.

Keywords in a different industry are one of the important elements to decide the price too.

Keywords Example: Digital Marketing VS Digital Marketing Malaysia

Competition of the keyword of Digital Marketing is higher compared to the keyword of Digital Marketing Malaysia. So the service fees to rank Digital Marketing will be higher. More effort, time and investment are needed to boost the keywords of Digital Marketing.

What Happens When We Part Ways?

Always check on the contract whether all the link building, contents writing are belonging to you. It means if when you terminate the contract with the SEO specialist Malaysia or freelancer SEO Malaysia, make sure they won’t remove or change any of the content they created for the SEO project. If they do so, all your page 1 ranking webpage will be removed from Google search engine.

Before signing the contract, you should ask how much the retainer fees. It means after the first year, how much you need to pay for the second year to maintain all the positions of the keywords.

How To Define A Successful SEO Campaign?

To monitor the effort of the SEO campaign by SEO specialist Malaysia, you must track the website traffic and the traffic source. The specialist must know how to track the improvement in website’s Google rankings, the number of links from other website driving traffic to your own website, the kinds of keywords searchers uses to find your website and etc.

Insert Google Search Console & Google Analytics and monitor closely the traffic to the website. You will gain all the insight such as traffic source (social, direct, search, or referral).

So, be sure to ask how often they plan to share these important analytics with you and how they would use the data to continually improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.

Is SEO Worth To Invest?

SEO is most of the most cost-effective online inbound marketing strategies because it targets to users who actively make a search query for your products and services only.

SEO strategy does not need any advertising fees. Free organic traffic flow to your website generate leads for any business if your website rank on page 1.

SEO is long term strategies since keywords ranking will take duration to rank at from 3 months to 6 months. SEO definitely will bring a great impact in bringing online traffic to the website if it manages to rank on page one. Furthermore, websites that appear on page one will achieve higher authorities.

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