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How WeChat Marketing Malaysia related to the WeChat Pay in Malaysia?

How WeChat Marketing Malaysia related to the WeChat Pay in Malaysia? Tencent China just announces WeChat Pay will officially coming into Malaysia at the beginning next year. This news has become a headline in several main official media. This is another mobile payment function emerging to Malaysia market. Now the question is how Wechat Pay will affect the business in Malaysia. Will it change the marketing plan for a marketer in Malaysia across all the industry?

Wechat Pay successful emerge to Malaysia and this will allow users in Malaysia will be able to connect their local banks account to WeChat Pay system and make any purchases or payment to goods and services in Malaysia Ringgit. WeChat pay will benefit China Chinese community in Malaysia whether they are coming as tourist or business.

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing emerging smartphone markets. Smartphone adoption in Malaysia will surpass estimate 75% by 2020. Malaysia will have the highest smartphone penetration rate among all of the countries in Southeast Asia. The use of WeChat Pay creates a new shopping experience to the consumers because it is a one-stop-online-shop that consumers can use it as social media sharing (eg. Facebook), talking to a friend (Whatsapp), making payment by scanning business QR code (cashless), receiving news or event and etc.

However, China WeChat shares the user data with the Chinese government, including names, contacts, purchases pattern, behavior and etc. This may deter Malaysian consumers’ will to use WeChat because of this matter.

How To Use WeChat For Marketing In Malaysia?

There are 20 million active WeChat users from Malaysia. A business can apply for a WeChat Official Account (OA). After registration, the business will get verification and receive an unique QR code where the public can scan to follow the business OA and receive brand notifications. Businesses can use the code to expand their brand or marketing message to the public. This method of approach can further help businesses in the reduction of cost of communication or brand which makes the communications, promotions or events between fans or followers more effective and efficient.

As compared to current popular online advertising platform such as Facebook, Wechat marketing will be more cost efficient in marketing plan because businesses can build a brand by sending the QR code to any WeChat user or look up to nearby user. Once user follows the businesses Wechat official account, businesses can update or send any promotions or marketing events to the fans or followers without paying anything. Simple to say, business has the potential customers details without doing any advertisement to get leads like how Facebook works. So, now with WeChat pay in Malaysia, WeChat become a great potential new channel for e-Commerce in sales promotions.

WeChat is not only a great social media platform for the user to make a friend and communicate with friends, but it also provides every user with a full mobile e-commerce payment function. When WeChat Pay officially launch in Malaysia, the user can just scan the business code and link their bank accounts through WeChat and make payment. Eventually, we will become a cashless society like China society now. This features will not only make the purchase process more convenient but also easy to track every purchase transaction. This will make the WeChat Pay extremely attraction to sales and marketing. This function can be the most exciting functions on mobile networks and each of business owner can just promote their products and services in WeChat Business Account. A better engagement with followers when business owner leverages the features of WeChat to allow their customer to collect discount vouchers, points, rewards and etc.

With the few steps, customers can purchase products or service with cashless model  Regardless the business owner is doing online business or have a retail shop, now they can purchase without paying any cash or credit card. Everything is done by scanning a code. Cashless Malaysian society will become a reality as WeChat is used by a lot of consumers in Malaysian market and this poses a huge potential. Any business can access their target pool of customer easily.

How To Set Up WeChat Marketing Campaign In Malaysia?

There are two different accounts in Official Account (OA) registration. One is Service Account and the other one is Subscription Account.

  • Service Account is best for businesses and organization who wants to access to advance WeChat Features such as customer service and e-commerce. It has custom menus supported for all services accounts. Fans or followers receive the push notification. Four broadcast messages in a month. Payment API supported.
  • Subscription Account is an option for individual or businesses who want to send out frequent contents only. No menus for individual account whereas business account must be verified and must use API. No push notification. One broadcast messages in a month only. No payment supported.

After Official Account registered, it’s time to set up the account by adding menu, put up welcome message, auto-reply, create a location. The concept is similar to building up your Facebook business page or business website.

After arranging all the basic information, need a plan to create attractive and engaging content to attract fans or followers to follow WeChat business account. Varieties of creative contents are to stimulate the engagement or conversation so that fans or followers will recommend the business to their family or friends. With this method, the business database will be increased tremendously without paying any single ads.

Marketing activities can be created by leveraging the features in WeChat such as a creative voucher, sending out promotion, collecting voucher, voting, lucking draw, survey, e-Commerce and etc. From the responses to the events or activities, choose the best for optimization after doing analysis on each marketing campaign. Basically, the concept is similar to having Facebook Advertising, always test, analyze and optimize.

How Wechat Auto Add Friend Software Help in Businesses?

A WeChat Auto Add Friend Software can be found in Malaysia market for few function which can help businesses to market their products or services. It is not only can auto-add people nearby ( a features integrated with WeChat), auto-send a message to users or followers and etc. In the Wechat Auto Add Friend Software, there is a fake GPS which can switch location to add people nearby. So businesses can sell their products or promote their services effectively.

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