what is a sales funnel

What Is A Sales Funnel?

What is a sales funnel? Sales funnel is a commercial phrase for the journey prospective clients experience in transit to buy a product. In another word, also defined as the purchasing procedure by which the company guides clients along while buying products. It is also mentioned as the procedure whereby a company discovers, certifies and advertises its products to purchasers. 

Even if you have a consumer to business or online business, you are recommended to establish a sales funnel to captivate and transform visitors into consumers. The main objective of your sales funnel is to guide people along with the several steps of the sales procedure till the customers are prepared to purchase your products or services. 

Generally, the sales funnel is differentiated into several stages which contrast relying on the specific sales model. One of the most ordinary methods of detaching a sales funnel acquire 7 stages along with : 

  • AwarenessTarget customers acknowledge the presence of a resolution.
  • Interest Potential clients establish interest in a product by performing product analysis.
  • Evaluation – Inspect competitors’ resolution as clients proceed to the stage of making a purchasing agreement. 
  • DecisionBoth buyer and seller make a deal and are followed by bargaining.
  • PurchaseProducts or Service selling are ongoing. 
  • ReevaluationFor B2B marketing, it is usual for subscriptions that engage with agreements that need to be resumed. After a consumer is intimate with subscriptions and specifically, a contract has come to the end, a consumer will proceed to the reevaluation stage whereby they need to consider if they want to resume their contract. 
  • RepurchaseAn existing customer purchases the product for a second time. 

How To Build A Sales Funnel From Scratch?

Developing a sales funnel is crucial for transferring potential customers from the beginning approach to the ultimate sale. Thus, you are able to trace the level of attitude and commitment at every phrase to examine where the potential customers are located in the sales funnel in addition to deciding how excellent it is functioning.

1. Create a landing page.

A landing page is generally the first chance for a potential customer to find out your business as well as the selling products or services provided. Visitors will discover and browse your landing page in several methods: either click an advertisement or a link from the social media platform, download an e-reader or register for an online forum. 

Your landing page shall certainly define your company in addition to the unique selling point of your selling products or services provided. Be aware that this might be your first and last chance to captivate potential users therefore the version should be powerful and convincing which consist of a solution to gather the contact details of your potential customer therefore you are able to follow up and share your company values to them. 

2.  Offer something valuable.

Be aware that your sharing information to the customers is in the correct way at all phases of the sales funnel. To cultivate the leads which accessed your system, provide specialized content for unique customer persona, customized emails and content formed commitment programs. 

In order to acquire the contact details such as email address from a potential customer, you are encouraged to provide them something in exchange. To give you an idea, you may offer an e-reader that is free of charge or helpful and valuable content. 

3. Nurture the prospect.

As potential customers are getting curious and willing to share their email address with you, you should cultivate them with information that guides them regarding your selling items or services provided. I do agree that you want to keep them constantly updated however not too often as they might get frustrated or disinterested while reading the content. Ensure the content inscribes their main requirement and conquer any possible disapproval. 

4. Close the deal.

Create your best offer whereby your potential customers are unable to turn a blind eye to or decline which makes it easier for you to close the deal. For instance, you may demonstrate your product, give a free try-out or a unique discount code. 

5. Run an email drip campaign

At this moment, the potential customer becomes your consumer or refuses to buy your products. In both cases, you shall persist in the interaction and develop a great relationship with them. 

An email drip campaign will be a great choice for you. According to the research, companies with expertise in drip campaigns achieved greater sales revenue, with 80 % more than previously at 33% lower costs. 

Drip campaigns include sending a sequence of related and prompt mechanized emails to leads, counting on their act and attitude. For example, people who subscribed for your bulletin can be sent a greeting email with a link to several well-known journal posts. 

Likewise, people who leave the shopping cart and exit the page without buying can be sent a reminder email, inspiring them to purchase the item they leave in the shopping cart. 

The objective of email drip campaigns is to deliver the proper content to the correct lead at the perfect timing, therefore, cultivating them along with the sales procedure. 

6. Optimize your sales funnel.

At each stage of the funnel, you should optimize your sales funnel constantly in order to meet the expectation. Therefore, you should always be ready with the proper set of appliances to track everything ongoing throughout a purchaser’s journey. Examine the information gathered and try your funnel to classify leaks. 

First of all, estimate how great every piece of content is performing. Are you captivating enough potential visitors with your fundamental content? The purpose of your content is to ensure your visitors click the call to action (CTA). Let’s say they didn’t click it or the amount of clicks of each content is less than enough then you should revise the content or figure out something else. 

Inspect your landing page, your offer and CTA shall reflect the content which guides the potential customers to your landing page whether they are believing you with their contact details? Try every section of your landing page for example head title, graphics, body copy and CTA to analyze what is functioning and which one is not. 

Try every offer during the action phase of your sales funnel and compare the outcome from different offers. Through this, you will be able to figure out the number of sales you achieve with email drip campaigns or further retailing attempts you made. You should concentrate on the offer which achieves the best outcome to close potential customers and check out whether you are able to enhance beyond it. 

Trace your client confinement rates, find out how frequent consumers come back to buy your selling item or services. If your consumer comes again and purchases another item or service? Trace how frequently they refer people to your brand. 


Sales Funnel Strategies 

Customer and purchaser‘s buying intention has changed as time passed. Therefore, your sales funnel should be specific which relates to them with the least refusal. It should be associated with their assumptions, in addition, to forecast their demand in a chill and comfortable way. 

1. Awareness: Deliver your message to your target audiences. 

The first phase of the sales funnel is to maximize your brand appearance among the target customer. You should focus on ensuring your prospects or related visitors generate traffic to your page that is literally likely to fall for your offer. 

Building awareness with SEO

Your main objective is to establish a compilation of top-ranking content for the current attentiveness of your potential visitors. You can introduce your selling item or services in a certain method or capably nurture the demand for something through the content however it is definitely a great intention to maintain the sales conversation to a minimum. 

Building awareness with paid advertising

There are also a few low intent keywords that provoke advertisements in Google search and by chance to enhance brand recognition. Focusing low intent keywords in Google advertisements will be a compelling approach as people will notice your brand at the beginning phase of the customer journey, and exist at the pinnacle of the search results. 

Building awareness with social media

Social media aren’t a specially powerful platform for the final stage of the sales funnel however it is strongly recommended for establishing awareness. The main point you should take note of is which networks are most crucial to your visitors and the type of content you need to share, therefore being able to grab their awareness. 

2. Consideration: Make yourself the most captivating choice

In this phase, you should be prepared to prey on new consumers. Besides that, you shall prey on the actual leads who acknowledge your brand or information and lead them to this 2nd phase of the sales funnel.  

Target higher-intent keywords

This is where you focus on users who demonstrate a transparent purpose, aspiration or urge to make a buying decision. 

3. Conversion: Turn leads into profitable actions

Create search campaigns for people ready to buy now

The main purpose of your SEO approach is to build fundamental content for particular conversion objectives, you are recommended to come up with comparison reviews of your selling item with your competitors to rank naturally. 

4. Loyalty: Turn customers into repeat buyers

Maximize Return on Investment 

The significance alters towards consumer recognition and expands the value of every client. To put it another way, you want your current consumers to purchase from you more than once and often if possible. Do take note of the 3 main points below:

  1. Prioritize after-sales service 
  2. Award your consumers. 
  3. Conduct upselling / cross-selling campaigns. 

5. Advocacy: Get new leads from your existing customers

Loyal consumers may purchase from you more than once, however, there are possibilities whereby users advocate your products to others. You may captivate new customers in a way as below:

  1. Create a business profile with positive feedback and comments. 
  2. Receive successful stories from your existing users. 
  3. Conduct referral campaigns to alter clients into new leads. 


Sales Funnel Examples 

  1. Groupon

Basically a coupon database Groupon provides a compilation of promotions in a website audience’s district location. Their potential visitors encompass locals who are searching to save money on their routine spending and visitors searching for activities to do economically. 

When the website first loads, visitors will encounter a pop-up CTA which directs them to register. In contemplation of  their email address, Groupon assure to assist them to save money by demonstrating them thousands of promotions in their picked section 

After they register with their email address, they are known as a “lead” and proceed to the next phase which is called “interest” in the sales funnel. To guide them into the decision phase, Groupon allows them to directly search for promotions. After they click on the product they prefer, they just need to select the choice and pick either “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.  

Groupon will send them upcoming offers which meet their preferences right after a lead has altered and move to the action phase in order to enhance consumer remembrance. 


  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a business administration appliance for remote groups and enterprises. For your information, Basecamp determines their potential visitors: companies arranged for the development of their groups to remote tasks however are facing issues handling projects and staff member stress. 

That one term is what they mention is “ before Basecamp. “ It immediately directs their potential visitor’s ache point hence develops a relationship with them. 

Afterwards, they delineate a picture of how “after Basecamp” looks like- feeling assured which everyone understood, a standardized digitized workstation, amazing cooperation and calm feeling. 

After ensuring their potential visitors that they acknowledge their issue and have a method to solve it, they follow up with a CTA that says “Give Basecamp a Try”. 

The other feature of their landing page places Basecamp aside by showing social evidence. Then, they present their selling item in action and link with their potential visitors are 2 methods Basecamp successfully transfers them from the awareness phase to the interesting phase. 

As visitors kept browsing, they discovered endorsement, picture evidence and the e-book by Basecamp. 


3. Netflix

The homepage has a small amount of copy  but is powerful : 

  1. Unlimited movies, TV shows and more – audiences are clear enough regarding what they are subscribing to when they register. 
  2. Watch anywhere, Cancel anytime– It is riskless to register and they can watch it anytime and anywhere. 
  3. Enter your email to create or restart your membership– All subscribers are required to fill in their email address, the process is simple and fast whereby they can finish it in 5 seconds.

When scrolled down, audiences will encounter simple titles that summarise Netflix offers for example “download the shows and watch offline” and  “watch everywhere”. To preview their product, Netflix will present a short video related to their movie and TV shows. 

To back up interested audiences and guide them towards decision phrases, Netflix provides a question and answer section whereby any concern can be solved.